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Menage a Blog! A HOT guy & free books,… what’s not to love?!

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Welcome! Today is where the FUN and the MAGIC happens!

Menage a Blog is brought to you by the Indie Book Collective, which hosts events designed to bring fabulous authors to voracious readers with lots of fun posts, giveaways and other fun things.  All you have to do is visit the authors, their sponsors like me, and follow the instructions and a copy of their ebook is YOURS!  That’s it! So get ready to be WOOED!!

The HOT guy,…

I am all about witches, warlocks,… and hot men!  And Vance Magnum, the swoon-worthy creation from Lacey Weatherford’s creative mind, is definately all of that,… and so much more!  I may be a cougar, and I may be married, but a girl can look, and dream, and FANTASIZE, can’t she?  I mean, what more could you ask for?  A hot, muscle-bound guy with a sensitive side.  A strong guy who is a powerful warlock who eats out of the palm of your hand.  But it’s the vision of gorgeous Vance in leather and on his motorcycle that reallys pulls it together for me!

This was a story of life-changing secrets that could have led to a tale of intolerance and teenage rebellion.  Instead, it was a story of love and acceptance, albeit a struggle of good versus evil.  Vance was a perfect romantic hero, a combination of gorgeous bad boy and the guy trying to be honorable.  The story was action-packed and, near the end, I was in tears reading it.  Any book that causes an all-out cry-fest is a favorite!

Read the rest of my review HERE!

The free books,…
So, here’s what you need to do!

1.  I’m a cougar and I have been out of the “picking up a hot guy” world for longer than I want to admit to!  So leave me a comment with your BEST pickup line.  How would YOU pick up a smokin’ warlock?! 

2.  To enter Lacey’s personal grand prize giveaway, visit other sponsor blogs for Lacey’s book, find which review you like the best (MINE!), and leave a comment on their MY “Menage a Blog” post with this phrase:  “Hot warlocks rock my world!”  The grand prize pack is AMAZING!  There are all kinds of goodies, including some fabby spa goodies, candles, & music, a t-shirt with the Vance logo (in the banner), all four ebooks, and some yummy chocolates!  And if that wasn’t enough, there is a personalized and signed photo of the gorgeously yummy Matt Lanter, Lacey’s muse for Vance Magnum!  SWOON!

3.  The head over to Lacey’s site HERE and leaver her a comment with your email addy to get a sinfully fun copy of The Trouble with Spells in ebook format.

Plus, every comment is also an entry to the Indie Book Collective’s grand prize of a Kindle!  So be sure to visit Lacey’s site HERE today, as well as all of her other sponsors below, and get ready for some fantasy, flirting, and FUN!

And, don’t forget, visit Lacey, the amazing author and creator of Vance Magnum!

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15 responses to “Menage a Blog! A HOT guy & free books,… what’s not to love?!

  1. Lacey

    HOT WARLOCKS ROCK MY WORLD!!! Oh yeah…you probably already knew that!! HI EVERYONE! Thanks for coming to chat it up with the Queen of Java herself Ms. Kim THE Caffeinated Diva!! Whoop! Whoop! I hope you’re all having fun doing the Menage A Blog!! Don’t forget to come flirt with me over on my site, get a free ebook, and enter my SWOON-WORTHY giveaway! :D

  2. “Hot warlocks rock my world!”

    Of course, warlock means oath breaker so if I thought someone was hot and they broke their word to me that would rock my world but not in a good kind of way. Okay, I am inside my head a little too much.

    sagemoon_cottage at yahoo dot com

  3. Denise Z

    Weeelllll – my pickup line would be “hey sweety did you know Warlocks Rock My World” LOL – thanks for the smiles :) and participating in this fun tour in support of this lovely author.


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