reading glossary

This is a helpful list of terms and abbreviations in reviews!

AGR: age-gap romance

ARC: advanced reader copy

BB or BBF: book boyfriend

BIPOC: black, indigenous, people of color

DIK: desert island keeper; a forever reread

DNF: did not finish

DubCon: dubious concent

E2L: enemies to lovers

F2L: friends to lovers

FF: female-female romance

FMC: female main character

FTB: fade to black/no on-page steaminess

FWB: friends with benefits

HEA: happily ever after

HFN: happily for now

LI: love interest

May-December: age-gap romance, also AGR

MC: main character; can also be “motorcycle club” or “multicultural”

meet-cute: initial meeting of romance protagonists

MF: male-female romance

MM: male-male romance

MMC: male main character

NonCon: non-consensual

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