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Watchedtitle: Watched
author: Lenore Ashwood
series: Cavendish Club #6
published: 14 December 2020
publisher: self-published
genre(s): romance
pages: 327
source: client
format: manuscript
buy/shelve it: Amazon | Goodreads

rating: four-stars | series rating: four-stars

the blurb

Yuki has burned all her bridges. Her Cavendish partners have deserted her, and the business is in ruins. Victor, the only man she ever trusted, shows up and is offering her what she’s chased her whole life—revenge on her father. He betrayed her love and trust once before—can she trust him this time?
Victor has one goal—burn Yuki out of his memory and life once and for all. But it's not that easy. The passion that burned for her is still there. When it comes to choosing his family's empire over love, will he be strong enough to make the right choice?
Trigger warning: There is a reference to rape but without a detailed description.

my review

Watched is the 6th book in the Cavendish Club series, and it’s right at the top of my favorites! This one centers around Yuki, who, let’s be honest, has heretofore been a bit hard to love. She’s always been a bad ass, but she’s also had a tough exterior, and that’s putting it mildly. But there’s been something about her that was so intriguing.

In so many ways, this book was a coming-of-age story, despite Yuki’s actual age. It was a story of change, of growth, in all the ways that a traditional coming-of-age story is. And I was there for every page of it! Yuki suddenly becomes a different person over the course of her journey, somehow softens. I found myself feeling for her, with her, in a very unexpected ways. Maybe it was the redemptive feel of it, but this was my favorite thus far.

If you love a great, twisty-turny read with not-to-easy romance and sister feels, this is a great read!

About Lenore Ashwood

Lenore Ashwood is a steamy contemporary romance author who believes if you’re not squirming in your seat, she’s not doing her job.

She lives in the U.S. but considers herself a global citizen. She believes in sex positivity, human kindness, and the kind of girl power the Spice Girls sing about.

Lenore is best known for her wildly innovative Cavendish Club series, featuring stories of the ultra-affluent who seek unusual services at an elite escort agency. But Cavendish Club is different—it combines science and technology to create experiences guaranteed to more than satisfy their billionaire clientele and the consultants they “engage” with.

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