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Professor Cane Blitz

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Professor Cane Blitz

Author: Aurelia Yates
Publication date: November 17th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Holiday, Romance

I wrap my leg around the pole, pretending not to notice the suffocating presence of the dark figure who lingers in the corner booth—never to be seen. He stays in the shadows, hidden away. Only the heat from his gaze alerts me when he enters the room.

Dancing here is only a way to pay the bills, but fate couldn’t be crueler.

One of the cities’ most eligible bachelors, Jackson Largewood, offers me a job. My dream job, but there’s a catch and I’m forced to make a decision that will lead me to regret what I’ve chosen.

an excerpt

Stopping at the front desk, I scan my membership card.

The hostess greets me with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Good evening, Mr. Largewood.” She licks her lips, and her eyes linger on my body, slowly coming to blatantly rest on my crotch.

“Good evening Tonya,” I smirk.

Her eyes flicker up. “Let me know if you need,”—glancing back down at my uninterested cock, she purrs—“assistance with anything.”

I nod and continue to make my way to my regular booth in the club.

Tonya was one of my students, and I have no interest in her. I don’t even bother to ask why she’s working here because she graduated last year and should have a successful career in marketing. She was a bright student, but it seems she would prefer using her body rather than her mind.

Viper is owned by a close friend of mine, Mitchell Gray. We were college roommates and have stayed in touch with our other two roommates, Harrison and Shane.

Mitchell spared no expense to make his club the best strip joint in the state of Pennsylvania. The outside of the club looks like an old, dilapidated building, while the inside is fitted with the finest furnishings, paintings, and materials.

Only members are allowed in to enjoy the women and drinks. Everyone undergoes an extensive background and financial check. Once you’re in, you have access to the most beautiful, young, and skilled women as they flaunt their bodies for your viewing pleasure.

Most of them are working here to pay their way through college, and I see them on campus, but I also do my best not to be seen. That’s why I take my usual corner booth.

We sat in the same booth when I met Mitchell at the club for a drink. It’s a dark corner booth, and the lights cast a shadow over your face so no one can make out who you are. I had no interest in coming for a hookup. Pussy is easy for me to get, but when I saw Candy, I knew I had to make her mine.

about the author

Aurelia writes contemporary romance and enjoys reading it just as much! She lives in Alabama with her husband, daughter and fur babies. She spends most of her time taking care of her loved ones and plotting stories. Excited to begin this new journey, she’s looking forward to sharing her stories.

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