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The Midnight Show Murders

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The Midnight Show Murderstitle: The Midnight Show Murders
author: Al Roker
series: Billy Blessing #2
published: 23 November 2010
publisher: Random House LLC
genre(s): humor, thrillers
pages: 376
source: bought
format: eBook
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rating: three-half-stars | series rating: four-stars

the blurb

Professional chef turned amateur sleuth Billy Blessing finds himself in hot water when a brutal killing cancels a TV show—and its host—during its debut.

Billy has reluctantly agreed to fly westward and play second banana on a new late-night talk show hosted by comic Desmond O’Day in Los Angeles, a city that brings up bad memories. Twenty years ago, Billy had accused obnoxious chef Roger Charbonnet of murder there. A tricked-up alibi freed Roger, who vowed vengeance—and Billy’s arrival in the City of Angels just may give Roger his chance. When a deadly explosion during a TV taping kills more than Desmond’s chance at high ratings, Billy is convinced that he was the intended target. With politics, infidelity, and high finance sprinkled in, the case turns out to have more ingredients than Billy could ever have imagined. And when a beautiful female TV producer convinces Billy to find the culprit himself—on camera—the table’s set for a conspiracy with too many cooks and far too many killers.

my review

The second in the Billy Blessing series, The Midnight Show Murders was most definately my favorite.  Al’s signature humor was obvious throughout the novel, blending wittiness and mystery well.  I love the eclecticness of the characters in the novels and how they fit into the storyline without that formula feel to the mystery.  There were times when I was able to guess what was going to happen next, but intead of making the story predictable, it had the opposite effect.  It led the reader to what seemed to be an obvious conclusion, only to have it turn out to be totally different and unexpected. Definately a fun read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

About Al Roker

Albert Lincoln “Al” Roker, Jr. is an American television meteorologist as well as an actor and book author. He is best known as being the weather anchor on NBC’s Today.

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