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A Deceptive Potion

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A Deceptive Potiontitle: A Deceptive Potion
author: Constance Barker
series: Happy Blendings Witch #5
published: 6 February 2020
publisher: self-published
genre(s): cozy mystery, paranormal
pages: 98
source: Kindle Unlimited
format: eBook
buy/shelve it: Amazon | Goodreads

rating: three-half-stars | series rating: three-stars

the blurb

After all the stress Sam has endured, she's excited to go and relax on the beach. However, her vacation doesn't last long before there's a murder at the resort she's staying in. When one of Sam's items is discovered in a suspicious area, it links her to the crime. Now Tessa, Mara and the rest of the gang must travel to help Sam out of her predicament. But will the killer strike again before they can solve the crime? Is magic involved or will Sam and her friends expose themselves trying to locate the killer?
***Find Out in the Fifth Book in the Happy Blendings Cozy Witch Mystery Series***

a few notes

cover notes: cute, eye-catching
murder, witches, ghosts
mood reading:
in the mood for a palate cleanser
bonus points:
magical caution
anti-bonus points:

my review

This is the first book in the series to take place away from Goodsprings when Sam takes a much-needed vacation to the beach. And, of course, trouble follows her there. So her posse from Goodsprings comes to her, helping her solve the mystery that’s landed her in, of all places, jail.

While the story doesn’t really move the witches or the twins further in their stories, it’s a good read. The twins do learn more about their previously unknown heritage, which is interesting to read about. It also adds some new characters to the cast, in the form of Cassandra and Paula the parrot, the latter of whom has her own story.

I also loved that that the story touched on the idea of magical caution. With two fledgling witches in the mix, it felt like a good lesson!

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About Constance Barker

Constance Barker lives in the Midwest with her husband and two Akitas where she can look out from her screened porch onto a wooded area brimming with activity. Since she was a young girl she read mysteries, often given to her by her grandmother. She loved figuring out who the culprit was and sometimes she was right and other times startled at who the author picked as the assailant. Now she enjoys writing mysteries herself. When she isn’t writing stories, she can be found in her favorite vacation spot, Las Vegas or shopping for bargains.

Rating Report
Overall: three-stars

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