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Hotter Than Spell

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Hotter Than Spelltitle: Hotter Than Spell
author: Annabel Chase
series: Elemental Witches of Eternal Springs #3
published: 18 June 2018
publisher: Red Palm Press LLC
genre(s): cozy mystery, paranormal
pages: 196
source: Kindle Unlimited
format: eBook
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rating: four-stars | series rating: four-stars

the blurb

These witches put the mental in elemental...

Fire witch Kenna Byrne has a lot on her hot plate. As the tourism director for Eternal Springs, she's organizing the first annual Battle of the Bands competition. When the drummer of the favored band ends up dead, overachiever Kenna is determined to solve the murder in order to save her event. Throw in a gorgeous pilot, a flying monkey problem, and an elusive Waffle Wagon, and Kenna is ready to burn more than bridges.

Can this elemental witch save the day or will her whole life go up in flames?

This is book 3 in a 4-book series.

a few notes

keywords/phrases: witches, bands, flying monkeys, romance
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in the mood for witchy romance with a side of humor

my review

Hotter Than Spell is my favorite of the first three books of the series. All three are entertaining, but this one offered a character with a lot more dimension. It was also the first to give any insight as to how any of the witches feel about the circumstances that have forced the for of them to remain on the island.

In previous books, Kenna seems incredibly uptight, even self-righteous. But over the course of the book, the reader finds out who she really is underneath and grow to love her. I also adore her familiar, a pink fairy armadillo who’s a tad overweight. His name is Gerald, which is such a perfectly mundane name for such a creature. There’s also an albino raven competing for “familiar” status, and he’s hilarious.

The mystery of this one centered around a murder on the eve of one of the biggest events to happen on the island, a Battle of the Bands. Lots of little twists and turns make this a fun read!

About Annabel Chase

Annabel Chase is the author of urban fantasy and cozy mystery novels. She would love to live in a magical town where she can shop at Ready-to-Were for the the perfect outfit, flirt with hot angels and vampires, and cook gourmet meals without exerting any effort.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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