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To make a request, please read the following information  and fill in the form here.

NOTE:  A Cuppa Books reserves the right to deny review requests, whether due to time restraints or to content.

review policies

  • I accept review copies from authors and publishers alike, to include self-published work.
  • I do NOT sell/share/give away any material without express permission given to me by the author/publisher.
  • I do NOT read books in a series out of order. However, if I have already started the series, or the author/publishers are willing to provide previous books, then I’m happy to read the book.

my reviews will be…

  • 100% honest AND snark-free:  Positive reviews are not guaranteed, but honest, constructive reviews are ALWAYS guaranteed. I absolutely do not believe in snarkiness when reviewing in any way. No one likes every book they read so there will be some that will not have positive reviews. I do not create “fluffy” reviews and will be honest in every review about the things that I did like as well as those things that I did not.
  • Spoiler-free:  I do my best to review without spoilers. However, especially when reading a book that is a part of a series, it is sometimes hard not to reference a spoiler. So I will give clear warning to readers before continuing.
  • Cross-posted:  I typically also post my reviews to Goodreads, BookBub, and BookHype, as well as to several retail sites like Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. If you have other sites you would like it to be posted on, I will do my best to accommodate.

my reviews include, but are not limited to…

  • Cover photo
  • Standard book information
  • Bookshelf links
  • Retail links
  • Synopsis
  • Author information
  • Rating
  • My thoughts

formats accepted

I accept both hard copies and digital copies. The Kindle is my preferred digital reader, but I can also accept formats compatible with Kobo, iBooks, Nook, as well as PDFs.

scheduling & availability

A Cuppa Books operates, for the most part, on a first come/first serve basis, doing her best to read and review within a timely manner. Priority is given to those with corresponding events, so please let me know in advance if there are any desired timelines for reviews. If the book is an ARC, I will have reviews posted on or before the scheduled release date to the best of my ability, or another date if other arrangements have been requested.

I purposely tend to overestimate the time needed to read and review a book. I am usually scheduled at least 4-6 weeks out at any given time. But because of my habit of padding my schedule, I can usually fit requests in earlier if necessary. I will do my best to provide a time frame at the time of contact for scheduling purposes.

genres accepted

I read both adult and young adult, and I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes and am open to new genres. But the following list comprises the majority of what I will or won’t read and review for this blog.  I will take books from the second column on a case-by-case process.

preferred genres

  • paranormal romance
  • fantasy
  • horror/occult
  • thriller
  • romance
  • crime/mystery/suspense
  • dystopian
  • science fiction
  • contemporary

do not prefer

  • (auto)biographies
  • nonfiction
  • religious fiction
  • erotica


I am also open to promoting your work with or without a review. I am happy to host blog tours, promotional events, cover reveals, guest posts, giveaways, or any other kind of “buzz” post. This is an option that is always open, whether or not I am open to review requests. However, top post is granted on a first come/first serve basis for these events.

rating policies

A Cuppa Books will always rate a book honestly, giving a fair and considered review.

NOTE: I don’t review books I don’t finish, neither on my blog nor on any retail sites.

rating criteria

the plot:  Does it draw me in, and keep me engaged?  Does it make me feel like I am present in the story?  Do I just not want to put it down?  Does it have it’s own uniqueness, as opposed to other works?
the writing:  Is the book well-written?  Is it disjointed, or distractingly wordy?  Is it descriptive, or overly so?  Does the writing promote the progression of the story, or hinder it?
the characters:  Can I relate to the characters?  Are they believable?  Are the characters well developed and is their “profile” appropriate to the story and thier role in it?
emotional significance:  Did the story evoke an emotional response from me as a reader?  Did it make me think about something in a new light?
the conclusion:  Does the story end with enough explanation?  Am I left with too many questions left unanswered?  Does it leave me wanting more?
cover art:  Does the cover grab me, make me want to delve in?  I know that you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, and I don’t, but a striking cover does illicit interest!

rating system

: It was a struggle to finish the book. Wouldn’t recommend.
: The book didn’t do it for me, but it might do it for others. Might recommend.
⭐⭐: I didn’t love it, but I did like it. Would recommend.
⭐⭐⭐: The book was great. Would recommend.
⭐⭐⭐⭐: The book blew my mind. Would recommend.

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