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Huntedtitle: Hunted
author: Megg Jensen
series: Dragonlands #2
published: 4 June 2014
publisher: 80 Pages Incorporated
genre(s): action, fantasy, folklore
pages: 246
source: author
format: eARC
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rating: five-stars | series rating: five-stars

the blurb

The fog that trapped the people of Hutton's Bridge for eighty years has disappeared, but now so have the villagers.

Fearing the worst, Tressa and Bastian must navigate a new and dangerous world in search of their people. Among their allies are a healer, a warrior, and even a dragon—but their enemies are far greater.

Hutton’s Bridge has long protected a powerful secret, one the dragonlords will kill to control. As the realms rise, Tressa and Bastian risk everything to save their people, until one must make the ultimate sacrifice.

my review

Let me just start off by saying that I am a huge Megg Jensen fan.  I have read everything she has written and loved every bit of it.  This series is more adult in nature than most of the others and it is MUCH darker.  I love every single moment of it!

Hunted is the second in the Dragonlands series, following Hidden.  I loved Hidden, but I think I loved Hunted even more!  The book begins essentially just after the first book ends.  All of our favorite characters are back, at least the ones that are still alive!

I love that Megg is not afraid of turning things upside down, making the things we want to happen impossible.  It turns the story on end and keeps it fascinating.  There are twists and turns throughout the book.  There are so many secrets revealed, revelations that are completely unexpected and that change absolutely everything.  There were so many moments when I was sure I knew what was going to happen, moments when I thought for sure certain characters were going to do what I wanted them to do and them WHAM!  She changes everything and everything becomes fabulous in a new way!

Things to love…

  • The suspense and anticipation!
  • The characters.  Good or bad, they were real, even in unbelievable moments.
  • The no-holds-barred story lines!

Absolutely a must read,  after Hidden.  Fantastic read and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!

About Megg Jensen

Best-selling fantasy author. Swing dancer. Natural redhead. Total spaz. Lover of bad scifi movies, great fantasy novels, and expensive shoes.

Megg Jensen is a bestselling author of high fantasy.

No stranger to top ten lists on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the iBookstore, Megg’s novels (Anathema, Oubliette, Severed, Sleepers, Afterlife, The Sundering) have garnered millions of downloads, attracting thousands of fans all over the world.

Growing up on the amazing fantasy and scifi of the 1980s, Megg’s influences include Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert Jordan, and Terry Goodkind. She lives in Chicago with her husband, kids, and two miniature schnauzers.

Rating Report
Overall: five-stars

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