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Cheery Charms

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Cheery Charmstitle: Cheery Charms
author: Bella Falls
series: Winter Witches of Holiday Haven #6
published: 8 July 2021
publisher: Evermore Press
genre(s): romance, cozy mystery
pages: 250
source: Kindle Unlimited
format: eBook
buy/shelve it: Amazon | Goodreads

rating: five-stars | series rating: five-stars

the blurb

It’s time to shell-ebrate! Tis the sea-sun for a little solstice fun in Holiday Haven!

Aurora Hart’s life has never been better. She’s got a successful business as an ice sculpture artist, a group of loyal friends in the Humbugs, and a hot bear of a boyfriend. Her reputation as the savior of Christmas gets her more attention than she wants, especially when the event planner for the summer solstice celebration wants her help making something special.

Everything’s going swimmingly until something goes terribly wrong. Now, all of the attention is focused on Rory, except for all the wrong reasons. Accused of being the reason things for the festivities are ruined, she needs the help of her fellow Humbugs to find who’s really behind it all. They need to work fast if they’re to keep all hope for Holiday Haven from melting away.

my review

I love this series so much! A good cozy is a wonderful thing, and the whimsy of these just do it for me. The first five books in the series were written by five different authors, set during the holidays in Holiday Haven. Cheery Charms is part of the second installment of five books, by the same five authors, set during the summer solstice. And each book revisits the characters from the author’s previous book. Cheery Charms follows Aurora and her friends, who are introduced in Sleigh Spells.

It’s the relationships, whether romantic or platonic, that make the stories for me, and it was no different in this book. I love the diversity among the cast of characters, the dynamics between them. The way they support one another and come together is refreshing. And the mystery elements, too, are fun. I had a whole list of suspects, and it was fun to follow the clues to a satisfying end.

This is such a great series if you like cozies with a theme!

About Bella Falls

Bella Falls grew up on the magic of sweet tea, barbecue, and hot and humid Southern days. She met her husband at college over an argument of how to properly pronounce the word pecan (for the record, it should be pea-cawn, and they taste amazing in a pie). Although she’s had the privilege of living all over the States and the world, her heart still beats to the rhythm of the cicadas on a hot summer’s evening.

Now, she’s taken her love of the South and woven it into a world where magic and mystery aren’t the only Charms.`

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