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Devourtitle: Devour
author: Megan Duncan
series: Warm Delicacy #3
published: 26 February 2013
publisher: self-published
genre(s): dystopian, fantasy, romance
pages: 362
source: author, book tour
format: eBook
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rating: five-stars | series rating: five-stars

the blurb

You never know how strong you are until something makes you choose between humanity, and the beast.

As Claire descended deep into the ancient tomb; laying to rest the bodies of the fallen, she wondered if time healed all wounds, would an eternity be long enough? Still recovering from a brutal attack that nearly killed her, she refused to let evil win. Pain and destruction glared at her everywhere she went. Nothing and no one would ever be safe until Baal was not only defeated, but destroyed. Fueled by her thirst for revenge, she traveled with her father to the 'old world', seeking the aide of a long forgotten ally. Will their quest for help lead to their salvation, or is it only the first step in their annihilation?

my review

I think this is my favorite of the three books in this series.  Claire really grew as a character in this story, taking responsibility for her mistakes and learning to open up.  There was a lot of story lines to keep up with, but I liked learning about other groups of characters.  Some of the characters that we knew from the other books had more of a part in of the main story in this book and I really liked that.  There were also some new characters that added a ton to the story.  I truly have loved this series.

Things to love…

  • Arrick and Claire.  Despite the fantasy aspect, their own love story was very sweet and loving.  It made for some anticipation as we wait for Claire’s head to catch up with her heart.
  • Liz.  I liked Liz from the beginning so it was nice to have more of her.  I also liked that we got to see a bit of her less confident and sure side.

Things I wanted more of…

  • More Warm Delicacy!  There was a bit of an unexpected cliffhanger that made me want more from the series!

Love, love, love all things Megan Duncan!  If you like YA and fantasy/vampires, this is a great series to read!

About Megan Duncan

Megan Duncan is a lover of all things paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and anything just out of the ordinary. She is continually fighting her addiction to chocolate and living in her overactive imagination.

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