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Alive from New York

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Alive from New Yorktitle: Alive From New York
author: Edward G. Talbot
series: The Terrorist Chronicles #1
published: 26 February 2011
publisher: self-published
genre(s): political, thrillers
pages: 117
source: author
format: eBook
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the blurb

The half-novel (35,000 words), Alive From New York, is the first book in the Terrorist Chronicles series.

Reporter Jamie Marks has the scoop of a lifetime, an interview with the world's most wanted terrorist. She would kill - or die - for the story. But she's not the only one interested in how it turns out. The FBI has her under surveillance. The CIA has its own plans for her. And then, she disappears.

FBI Agent James Robb can't understand how they lost her, but that will soon be the least of his worries. A car bomb at the Bureau parking garage, then a dead agent in upstate New York, tell him there's a lot more to this story. As he investigates, he becomes convinced that something insidious is happening in the frigid altitude of the Adirondack mountains. But the battle he's engaging has a lot more than two sides, and the price of finding answers might be more than he can pay.

my review

Alive from New York is the first in the new Terrorist Chronicles series by the writing duo known as Edward G. Talbot.  The most interesting side note to this book is that it centers around the “death” of bin Laden, and was published before that happened in reality.  Being former military intelligence myself, I love a good book involving intrigue in and around the intelligence community.  This book definately delivered all of that.  And being from, and currently living in, the Adirondacks, I also liked the shout out to upstate NY, although I am considerably more upstate than the area they used in the story.

The story instantly hooked me and it was one of those books that I just didn’t want to put down.  The suspense began from almost the first page and didn’t stop until the end, which I really enjoyed.  The story made twist after twist and took turn after turn throughout the story.  There was a little bit of everything in this story:  suspense, thrills, adventure, betrayal.  The authors used the age old rivalry for supremecy between the FBI and the CIA as the underlying basis for the entire story and it was extremely well done.  The characters, whether you liked or identified with them or not, were fully three-dimensional.  I loved that, mixed in with all of the suspense and action, was some really great humor.  Rox, Robb’s second, was one of my favorite characters in the book even though she wasn’t at the forefront of the entire book.  I like the no-nonsense attitude and I loved the humor that came from her.  As I read the book, I could think of people I had met throughout my own career that reminded me of the various charcters in the story.

There was a moment in the middle of the book, as part of the story started to come together, when I wondered where it was going and if I would be able to review it properly and fairly and in the way it deserved.  At times, the book seems to use various conspiracy theories as the inspiration for the storyline.  It touched on one that, in light of the current state of affairs with the death of bin Laden, started to bother me.  I am an Army wife to a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan and I am also an Army veteran.  Because of that, I wondered if it was going to a place that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with promoting via my blog.  But the book was so engrossing, I continued on, and I am so glad that I did.  In the end, it did make me uncomfortable at times, but it also made me think.  And it is the kind of book that that will stick with me long after I have finished.  I like that. In a lot of ways, this book reminded me a lot of Nelson DeMille and David Baldacci.  I highly recommend this series!

About Edward G. Talbot

Jason Derrig and Ed Parrot met in 1988 at a cross country running race. We won’t tell you here how it turned out, but Jason is far more likely to recount the results of that day than Ed. They discovered a lot of common interests, including sports, politics, and thriller novels. They also share the ability to talk for hours on end about absolutely nothing, a trait not fully appreciated by either man’s wife.
Ed graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1990 in three years, with a B.A. in History and Resource Economics. He obtained an M.Ed in Athletic Administration from Springfield College in 1993. After coaching track & field for several years, he turned a part-time computer internship into a full-time career as a programmer and a web-developer. He currently works for a large bank.
Ed has been an avid runner and cyclist for many years. In addition, he took up the discipline of racewalking in 2002, and represented the United States team in the 50 km (31.1 miles) event at the Pan-American Racewalking Cup in 2005. He lives in Florida with his wife, Dana, and daughter Janna.
Jason graduated from the University of Maine in 1991 with a degree in Media/Broadcasting. After taking some time to explore different states (and states of mind), he held several different sales jobs. With the birth of his first child in 2001, he settled into a position for a national restaurant chain.
Jason no longer runs, but is still an active skier and cyclist. He also enjoys listening to an eclectic collection of music, from jazz to classic rock to hip-hop. He lives in Maine with his wife, Lisa, and daughters Molly and Kiara.

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