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Spy, Spy Again

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Spy, Spy Againtitle: Spy, Spy Again
author: Mercedes Lackey
series: Family Spies #3
published: 1 June 2021
publisher: DAW
genre(s): fantasy
pages: 342
source: bought
format: eBook
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rating: five-stars | series rating: five-stars

the blurb

Now in paperback, the third novel of the Family Spies series, set in the bestselling world of Valdemar, where Heralds Mags and Amily's youngest child must follow in his parents' footsteps to protect both his family and the realm.
Thirteen year old Prince Kyril and Mags and Amily's fourteen-year-old son Tory share the Gift of Farsight--although neither of them are Chosen. They are self-trained, though currently, their shared Gift only allows them to see what is happening with their immediate family members.
After much debate, the Herald's Collegium has decided to test and train them anyway. That's when the surprises start. They do not share a single Gift; they have two complementary Gifts working together in a way that the Heralds have never seen before. Tory is the Farseer--Kee's Gift is to extend his range beyond a few dozen feet.
Their Gifts become crucial when Mags gets a desperate message from his cousin Bey, the head of the enigmatic assassin-tribe, the Sleepgivers. Bey's eldest daughter has been kidnapped, but he doesn't know why or by whom. He's calling in the debt Mags owes him to find his daughter before it's too late.
Tory is certain that if anyone can find her, he can. But that will mean traveling out of Valdemar into an unknown, dangerous country. And it will mean taking a Royal Prince with him.

my review

This is the third book in the Family Spies trilogy, set within the larger Valdemar universe saga by Mercedes Lackey.

Through Herald Mags and The Collegium Chronicles, whole new parts to the Valdemar universe have been revealed. In this one, his connections to relatives with in the Sleepgiver nation of assassins creates the backdrop for this book. His son Tory and his best friend, Prince Kyril, have been sent into the nation of Ruven in order to investigate the disappearance of one of the Sleepgiver cousins.

Herald Mags is the King’s Spymaster, in charge of a vast intelligence network. Tory, however, is not a herald, but he has studied under his father his entire life, working as a spy agent since he was a child. The prince is also not a herald, but the two friends share the Gift of Farsight, working together in ways that are unusual. It’s because of their gift that they find themselves on a mission to find Siratai, the missing sleepgiver who found herself captured by Karsites.

This book takes us to new places and builds upon things only touched on in other books, which I loved. The sense of adventure, the thrill of a quest, and the ultimate fight for good when faced with evil… these are the threads that bind together these books, and I loved every page!

About Mercedes Lackey

Mercedes Lackey is the well known author of the Valdemar books, set in her own world, Velgarth. She has also written in several other universes, including romances for Luna set in the fairy tale ‘five hundred kingdoms’.

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