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Cherry Blossom Cappuccino

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Cherry Blossom Cappuccinotitle: Cherry Blossom Cappuccino
author: Courtney Hunt
series: Cupid's Coffeeshop #4
published: 7 April 2016
publisher: self-published
genre(s): contemporary, romance
pages: 46
source: author
format: eBook
buy/shelve it: Amazon

rating: four-half-stars | series rating: four-stars

the blurb

Spring fever strikes as the Lockhart cousins spar over drumming up more business. When Joe rents a food truck to drive around at lunch, he becomes a media sensation as the coffee hunk.

Ace reporter Jefferson Elliot arrives to cover the story and just happens to be attorney Ruby Davis’ old flame.

When they were young, Ruby turned down Jefferson’s proposal for the chance to go to law school. When Jefferson returns to Ashford Falls, maybe it’s not too late for true love after all.

my review

Cherry Blossom Cappuccino is the fourth novella in the Cupid’s Coffeshop series and may be my favorite so far.  This one focuses on Ruby and Jefferson, both of them long lost loves from fifty years earlier.  This is the epitome of “second chance” romance and I loved it!

They met and fell in love in a time when a woman truly had to make a choice between career and family.  And Ruby chose career, and while she loved her life, there was an empty space in her heart that Jefferson had once filled.  Jefferson went on and made a life for himself, married and had children and grandchildren, but he never forgot Ruby.

I loved this book because it was about the endurance of real love, about making choices and living with the consequences.  It was about those rare moments that we sometimes get that offer a second chance.  And it was about how hard it can be to leap blindly at those second chances and start a new life.

This was my favorite novella so far!  The love isn’t forced, but real and enduring and I loved that.  A great, quick read!

About Courtney Hunt

Courtney Hunt is the author of the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series, the Always a Bridesmaid series, and The Lost Art of Second Chances. An attorney by day, Courtney lives outside Washington, DC. with her husband and son.

From the day Courtney snuck her first romance novel (Partners by Nora Roberts) out of her mother’s library bag, she’s enjoyed reading about all the many paths to happily-ever-after.

When Courtney isn’t writing, she enjoys photography, sailing, and coloring. She can never resist a craft store. After an early stint as a Disney cast member, she is a life long Disney addict. She’s also an avid fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Buffy…just to name a few.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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