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Demon Resurrection

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Demon Resurrectiontitle: Demon Resurrection
author: Allison Karras
series: Samantha Carver Saga #1
published: 11 March 2011
publisher: You Come Too Publishing
genre(s): fantasy, romance
pages: 121
source: author
format: eBook
buy/shelve it: Amazon | Goodreads

rating: three-half-stars | series rating: four-stars

the blurb

Some secrets should stay buried…

Samantha Carver thought she could leave the past behind. After moving to a sleepy town on the Oregon coast, she thought she would finally be free of the darkness that has been plaguing her since she was a child.
When a girl at Samantha’s new high school is brutally murdered, the police suspect her cousin and best friend, Terry, of committing the gruesome act. But Sam knows what her family, the teachers, and the police don’t.
She knows that Terry didn’t kill the girl.
Because a demon did.
Samantha’s dark secret has returned from the grave to stalk her. And it’s come back with a vengeance.

my review

Demon Resurrection is the first novel in the Samantha Carver Saga, and a refreshing twist on the zombie apocalypse genre.  Unfortunately, I can’t really say more on that refreshing twist without giving away spoilers and I definately don’t want to do that!  There was a lot of suspense in this story, with bits and pieces of information given out as the story progresses.  At the beginning, Samantha’s past was a little murky with more questions than answers that explained her and how she came to be where she was.  Those questions were by and large answered by the end, and the suspense in getting there was fun,  There were a lot of unexpected little twists right to the end.  And even though I guessed at the cliffhanger end, getting there was still enjoyable.   It will be interesting how the next book in the series takes the cliffhanger and runs with it. This is a story with promise!

About Allison Karras

Hi! My name is Allison Karras, and I am a 20-something YA horror writer living in Oregon. I am currently working on my first trilogy, The Samantha Carver Saga, a series about a kick-ass girl fighting demons. The first book in the saga, Demon Resurrection, was published Feb. 11, 2011 by You Come Too Publishing. The second one, Demon Revelation, was recently published on Dec. 21, 2011.

I am currently working on the third book in the trilogy, Demon Redemption, which will be out later this year. I am also working on a new series about sirens that will be out this summer.

When not writing about zombies, demons, and love, I work in the real world as a reporter. My other passions in life besides writing and reading are watching movies, listening to music, traveling, kayaking, hiking, carving pumpkins and watching soccer. I also love mixing stiff drinks, playing DJ, and watching MST3K. My heroes are Tom Servo and Lionel Messi.

One day, I hope to become a full-time young adult horror writing beach bum in Maui.

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