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The Union

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The Uniontitle: The Union
author: S.B. Alexander
series: Vampire Navy SEAL: Sam & Layla #3
published: 12 July 2022
publisher: self-published
genre(s): paranormal, romance
pages: 240
source: client
format: eARC
buy/shelve it: Amazon | B&N | Goodreads

rating: three-stars

the blurb

Hunters hunt. Predators stalk. The union between the two could bring about a prophecy the world isn’t ready for.

Centuries of hunting bloodsuckers courses through my veins. Until I met the powerful Vampire Navy SEAL Sam Mason. He’s gorgeous, possessive, deadly, and all mine.

My family begs to differ. Since I crossed enemy lines, I’m a disgrace, lost my mind, and committed a sacrilege they want me to atone for.

My penance for sleeping with a vampire—lock me away until they can brainwash me.

But there are bigger things at play. It’s not me the Aberdeens should worry about.

Beneath Sam’s boyish charm lies a predator, a ticking time bomb ready to destroy anyone who dares to mess with him or those he cares about, especially me.

Yet he hasn’t met the Aberdeen matriarch. My human grandmother is sweet with a dash of salt and a sprinkle of acid to complement her personality. It’s a lethal combination that will burn the toughest of adversaries right down to the bone.

Nothing will stop her hunger for control, power, and to lead a genetically altered army of supernatural killers with me standing stoically by her side.
I’ll walk through the fires of hell before I become her lieutenant.

The players are set. Lines are drawn. Now, the battle begins.

my review

To be fair, I haven’t read the previous books in this series, nor the original Vampire SEALS series, as this was a client read. So there was, of course, much I was missing in terms of plot lines and backgrounds. So my review is going to focus on tropes, which is also a matter of taste and personal preference, and the quality of the writing.

And that was on point. The characters were well developed, with distinct voices, which made the large cast much more manageable. Truly the number of stars I gave this are solely based on the fact that the tropes of this are not ones I generally like. Alpha male, enemies to lovers… these are just things that don’t appeal to me.

About S.B. Alexander

Navy veteran and bestselling author S.B. Alexander writes paranormal, new adult, and young adult romance. Her writing is emotional, angsty, and character-driven, and features hot heroes stealing hearts.

S.B. or Susan as she likes to be called is a navy veteran, former high school teacher, and former corporate sales executive. She’s a lover of sports, especially baseball, although nowadays you can find her on the golf course.

When she’s not writing, she’s a full-time caregiver to her soul mate of twenty-two years who got a bad deal in life when he was diagnosed with ALS. Her motto: “Life is too short to waste. So live every moment like it’s your last.”

Rating Report
Overall: three-stars
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