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The Trouble With Spells Book Tour Extravaganza: Stop #6

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Welcome to Stop #6 of the Of Witches and Warlock book tour!  I absolutely love this series, and I am sure you will, too, so I am beyond honored to be a part of this wonderful tour for a favorite book!  So read on for an excerpt, and read carefully for reasons you will figure out AFTER the wonderful excerpt!

The excerpt, from the Prologue, Vance Mangum:

I took another bite of my apple while focusing on the doors to the school, successfully redirecting my gaze away from the group of girls who were twittering together off to my left.

That’s when I saw her.

She stepped out the door, walking next to some other girl, but my attention was instantly riveted on her because suddenly every emotion she was feeling at that moment washed over me. I sucked in my breath, having never experienced anything quite like this before.

This girl was different. She was magical. Literally.

The warlock inside me lifted his head in curious admiration. She was young, probably only a freshman I’d guess, but she was beautiful in a totally understated way. I was instantly drawn to her, and I glanced over her small, petite form as she moved toward the cafeteria.

A light breeze caught her black hair, stirring it slightly away from her face, and she smiled then at her friend. The current carried her laughter to me on the air, and it was musical. She was … content, happy, secure, and amused at whatever her friend was talking to her about. She was everything I was not, and I knew in that moment I had to know who she was. “Excuse me,” I said turning to one of the girls hovering nearby, and she looked down at me with a hopeful expression. “Do you know who that girl is over there?”I turned my head back toward the girl, but not in time to miss the crestfallen look on this one’s face before she lifted her head to follow my line of sight.

“Who? The blonde?” she asked icily.

“No. The one with the black hair,” I replied, not taking my eyes off her while she walked.

“Her?” the girl replied with an incredulous tone in her voice, and I did turn back to look at her then, narrowing my eyes at her cynically. She shrank back from me for a second before squaring her shoulders and flipping her hair with one of her hands. “That’s Portia Mullins,” she replied, turning away from me to whisper with her friends again.

Portia Mullins. Oh, the irony.

I knew exactly who she was.

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  1. Yay I beat everyone here! I LOVE this excerpt and reading Vance’s thoughts about seeing Portia. The guy is so intense and it’s nice to get a peek inside his head. Oh that he would be interested in me LOL Great addition to the tour CD :) Have fun everyone!

    • Kim

      I’m sorry! My husband deployed last night and it was a LATE night! I kinda overslept WAY more than intended! Enjoy! And, it’s okay, I am addicted, too!

  2. Hi Everybody! I’m running late to the party today it seems! A very special thanks to the lovely Kim who was kind enough to host us today…on the very weekend her husband deployed for Afghanistan too! So hugs to you Kim! Thoughts and prayers are with you!

    @Belinda I loved adding this prologue in Vance’s voice. I’ve written a few scenes from his point of view (they aren’t in the book) just to see what was playing out in his head during important moments for him. Let me say…his head is a fun place to be!

    @Stephanie Your addiction is much appreciate and Vance Anonymous is a special group to help you to continue to feed that addiction! haha We do not support recovery! lol

    @Magaly Ha! I will actually address that topic of Christian witches in a later interview on this tour. It won’t be the only religious influence to play into this book series as many forms of religion and magic will be combining to make up this whole world…this is just the beginning! :D

    @Donna I ask myself that question everyday…I always seem to find a way to up the love somehow! haha

    For those of you who may have missed the super late comment post yesterday, Carole was the winner of the Trivia Quiz Swag, and there were four of you who got five extra entries for the the kindle giveaway! So thanks for playing! There will be more quizzes and opportunities to win some other prizes coming up on the tour too! So stay tuned! :D

    • Kim

      Aw, thanks, Lacey! Yes, the hubs is in the air as we speak, and it totally hasn’t hit me yet! :(

      And how can you be late for your own party?!! :-*

  3. Lacey

    @Kim I’m sorry! I was up until 4 working on future posts for the tour and I had a hard time waking up. No excuse…just slowwwwww! Ha ha

    Thanks for coming by Judy! Glad you’re having fun! :)

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