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The Demon’s Discovery Blitz

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The Demon’s Discovery Blitz

The Demon’s Discovery

Author: L. Alexander
Series: The Demon Princes, #2
Publication date: February 21st 2024
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

My whole life I’ve been trapped, but fate has provided a way out.

Rescued by a Demon Prince.

As a child I became the ward of a duke and his wife, but I’m just a servant in the house, not family.

An accidental encounter with one of their most prestigious guests opens the door to a life I hadn’t dared to dream of.

Residence at the Collegium d’Arcan. A family. Freedom.

The handsome mystic arts teacher nurtures not only my talent in alchemy and my confidence … but also my happiness. His protective affection is unwavering, especially after the duke promises my hand to a merchant without my consent.

Delving into my past reveals things that have the demon prince I’m falling for swearing vengeance on my behalf. Our lives are far more intertwined than anyone could have guessed, and nearly nothing is as it seems.

His secrets might be dangerous, but mine could change the fate of a kingdom.

The Demon’s Discovery is a fated mates romance with a cinnamon roll hero, magic, monsters and a guaranteed happily ever after. It’s a full-length novel with no cliffhanger for the couple and is the second book in this series.

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an excerpt

I took one step inside, then froze. “What …” Tears filled my eyes as I took in the room.

Placed neatly on the square coffee table were things from all over the market. The emerald scarf made by the special worms. A box full to overflowing with several of the treats I’d sampled. Another book I’d regretted leaving behind but had wanted slightly less than the two I’d chosen. A new hairbrush with bristles spaced far apart that wouldn’t pull so badly through my curls. Some delicious varieties of fruit I’d never seen before. A braided bread I remembered having during the solstice holidays as a child but hadn’t seen in years. A dozen little things I’d lingered over for barely a moment, or maybe briefly touched.

I spun, finding Vassago still standing in the hall right where he had been.

“What have you done? And how? When?” I asked, though the questions came out on a laugh. Shock warred with pure elation at the novel experience of receiving gifts. He’d been a wonderful companion the whole day, following along patiently, explaining something here, holding something there. But he’d done so much more.

He’d paid attention. To me. To everything. The whole time.

“These are just some trinkets, Little Dragonfly. Take them as mementoes of your first visit to the city. Inconsequential, frivolous perhaps. But they brought you joy.” His brow furrowed. “I worry that you’ve had far too little of that in your life. The coin I spent today means nothing in the grand scheme. I would spend a hundred times that to see you smile like you did while we walked around the market. I would take you back tomorrow, and the day after, stopping only when you’ve had your fill. You need only ask.”

My throat clogged with emotion, rendering me speechless. Instead, I stepped right up against him, and threw my arms around his waist. He pulled me in close, both of his hands splayed wide along my spine. He breathed deeply, his mouth lingering in the curve of my neck.

I pulled back only enough to put my hands on his face and kiss him. He grunted in surprise, his grip on me tightened as he tasted me slowly right there in the quiet hall.

The way his lips moved against mine was intoxicating, and time was of no consequence as we mapped one another’s mouths. One of his hands slid to grip my ass as he pressed me against him, his sharp fangs pricking my bottom lip. He followed the sting with a swipe of his tongue before diving back in again, his other hand cradling the back of my head as he took everything he needed from our embrace. It was like he was drawing out my very essence, drinking from my lips as he rumbled a soft groan and caused every nerve in my body to stand at attention.

When we finally broke apart, he ran gentle fingertips down my cheek as I remembered how to breathe, eyes bright red and canines vicious. “Get some rest, Greta.”

He kissed my knuckles as I moved away, still able only to nod.

I wondered if I would survive this man or if that was even necessary as long as he was going to keep kissing me like that.

about the author

L. Alexander writes Paranormal and Fantasy romance with sweet & spicy cinnamon roll heroes, fated mates, monsters, magic and more. She guarantees a happily ever after no matter what and has a soft spot for broody anime characters.

L. also writes Contemporary Romance under the name Lily Alexander.

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