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Featuring S.L. Schmitz

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I did something when I wrote my book that no author should ever do – I didn’t give my female character a name.  Well, let me re-phrase that statement. Her real name is mentioned once or twice, buried in the text… but for most of the novel, I have referred to my primary character only as “the Dead Girl”.

Why use only a title instead of a name for my heroine? Well, you are going to have to meet this grrrl. This is a supernatural story, full of darkness and dreams and decay. The Dead Girl is the re-incarnated Gnostic Sophia, original goddess of Divine Wisdom, and she has returned to earth at the request of All-God to attempt to bring a new savior to the world. There is a big problem, though – the Dead Girl is weary. She has been the consort, one of the first Brides of God, ever since time began, central but fallen, eternal but fed up. She has lived this life over and over, watching civilizations and doctrines rise and fall. She is no longer amused, and she just can’t seem to ever make the right decisions anymore.

I don’t know about you, but I adore women characters that are strong, but defiant. The Dead Girl is the new Virgin Mary, but she is no innocent flower. She is gorgeous in her decline. And even if I have not given her a proper name that is referenced over and over, I believe that I have created a character that can overcome her namelessness. She is the Lady Foolishness. She is iron shavings, personified. At the altar of iconic damsels
in distress, she glitters and is redeemed. There is light, and then there is Light.

Who will be your god today?

Let It Bleed is available in both E-book and soft cover through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

S.L. Schmitz lives in North Carolina, and spends her days chasing a five-year old and keeping 4 felines happy. Please visit her website at The Dead Girl.

My review of this haunting novel is here.

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