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Season of the Macabre

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Season of the Macabretitle: Season of the Macabre
author: Damien Kelly
published: 16 March 2012
publisher: Clarion Publishing
genre(s): anthologies, horror, thrillers
pages: 92
source: publisher
format: eBook
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rating: five-stars

the blurb

A frightened child with only one person he can turn to, a prison where everybody gets the gifts they need, a bird that has an important message for a weary family, the darkest of murderers seeking redemption in the snow – these and other stories of the macabre are here to delight and chill the reader.

Season of the Macabre combines three of Damien’s short story collections (Cold Comfort Child, A Polite Exchange, and The Rare Gift), into one master volume.

my review

Season of the Macabre is a compilation of three previous volumes of short stories by the author, Cold Comfort Child, A Polite Exchange, and The Rare Gift.  I am a sucker for good macabre fiction, and this book delivered that.  All of the stories had a holiday theme, but definitely not of the “fluffy, happy bunny” variety!  One part horror, one part creepy, and one part disturbing made for a fantastic set of short stories.  I don’t know that I could even pick one as my favorite because they were all equally creepily, wonderfully, disturbingly great stories.  What I liked is that the author stepped to the left of center with some of these stories.  They had twists and turns that took the story places that isn’t usual, which made them even more exciting to read.  I also really enjoyed his matter-of-fact style that created some characters that were completely unapologetic for their actions.  That just added to the “creepy and disturbing” factor!

Fantastic read!  If you like the macabre, pick it up!

About Damien Kelly

Damien is a lecturer in psychology and lifelong academic, with further degrees in computer based learning, linguistics and literature. He’s also had a lifelong love affair with speculative fiction, with a particular taste for the macabre. He gave up on telling the truth a long time ago.

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