Myrmidya: Warding the Magic

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Myrmidya:  Warding the MagicMyrmidya: Warding the Magic by Matt DiSpirito
Published by Self-published on 2011-04-07
Genres: fantasy
Pages: 222
Source: author
Format: eBook
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Rating: five-stars


Magic is a living force with a will of its own. Nothing is forgotten; everything returns in time. Ke'argis is summoned to a birth in the village of Sedryn, and he is ill prepared for the event. Born with magic in his blood, the babe becomes the focal point for ancient and terrible forces beyond the knowledge or ability of Ke'argis. His protective wards cannot hold back the flood of magic rushing to claim the baby's mind and body. In a desperate final act, Ke'argis saves the child and flees into the mountains. Adopting the boy as his own, Ke'argis labors to protect and teach young Sedrik about magic... but the child's unquenchable power threatens not only the village, but the precarious peace established after the last cataclysm. Nine hundred years before the boy's birth, the eighth cataclysm shook the world and threw down civilization. In its aftermath, human wizards swore to keep magic a secret, locked away and taught only to a certain few, chosen to protect mankind from the influence of magic itself. The power of magic could no longer be trusted in the hands of humanity. As Sedrik ages, magic is drawn to him; the ability to call upon arcane symbols endangers Sedrik and everyone around him. Ke'argis seeks shelter in an ancient place. Yet even there the boy cannot escape the call of magic. Driven from the sanctuary, Sedrik flees. Ke'argis vows to pursue him to the ends of the world; he vows to save his son from the burden laid upon him. Others are watching young Sedrik, as well. The Elves will not allow humans to gain the power once wielded--power which brought ruin to all. Yet the Elves bear a dark secret and it may determine the course of Ke'argis, Sedrik, and magic itself. Events are in motion, driven on by the memories carried in the flow of magic.

My Review

Warding the Magic is the first book in the Myrmidya series, the epitome of epic fantasy.  The story is years in the making as the author started creating the world while still in elementary school.  Beginning as almost a game between his friends, the childhood idea has been developed into an entire world, complete with histories, maps, culture, etc.  This is one of those books that you could just feel the heart and soul that went into it.  Because fantasy is generally set in worlds completely different from our own, sometimes it feels as if I, as the reader, am more of an observer to the story than actually in it,  I was most definately present in this book.  It was completely engrossing.  I found it to be very well-written, descriptive but not overwhelmingly so.  The action was well-paced and kept me on the edge until the end.

The characters were very well-developed, entirely real and believable, despite their roots in a fantasy world.  I love being able to experience the happenings within a story along with the characters, and that happened for me with this book.  I also liked that none of the main characters were made out to be perfect, like superheroes.  They had flaws, just like everyone else.

My Recommendation

The ending completely grabbed me, and left an excellent cliffhanger for the next Myrmidya book.  I highly recommend this book!!

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