Holiday with a Vampire III

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Holiday with a Vampire IIIHoliday with a Vampire III by Bonnie Vanak, Linda Winstead Jones, Lisa Childs
Series: Holiday with a Vampire #3
Published by Silhouette Nocturne on 2009-12-01
Genres: anthologies, fantasy, holiday, romance
Audience: adult
Pages: 288
Source: bought
Format: eBook
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Rating: three-stars
Series Rating: three-stars
WARNING: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


Christmas starts at midnight...And after you've been visited by these sexy men, you'll discover the true meaning of the season in these dazzling tales of love.

"Sundown" by Linda Winstead Jones

After distancing herself from a very attractive cop, vampire Abby Brown discovers she wants only one thing for Christmas--Leo Stryker. But when a murder investigation endangers his life, "she" may be the one to give him a present....

"Nothing Says Christmas Like a Vampire" by Lisa Childs

Sienna Briggs never knew she had a guardian vampire. But, when she stumbles across the truth surrounding the Secret Vampire Society, her guardian--the handsome Julian Vossimer--has only one solution to save the woman he's loved for so long.

"Unwrapped" by Bonnie Vanak

Adrian Thorne never expected to see Sarah Roberts again. But she's presented to him as a special gift. The vampire is elated to finally avenge the werewolf who broke his heart... except Sarah may be the only one who can mend it!

Three novellas, so three reviews!

my review

Sundown by Linda Winstead Jones

While I enjoyed this novella, I definately think it would have made a better full-length novel.  It was almost too short to fully develop the nature of some of the characters, most particularly Margaret.  I was left wanting to know more about her, her history, what made her who she was.  I almost felt like I was pulled into the story when it was already halfway over with a lot of backstory already past.  I liked the story but I wish it had been a little longer.

my recommendation

This is a good holiday read!

my review

Nothing Says Christmas Like a Vampire by Lisa Childs

This story had a bit of a creepy factor to it, at least for me.  Julian Vossimer, the hero of the story, had a bit of a “bad boy” past, including a prior almost relationship with Sienna’s grandmother.  That was a little creepy for me, I guess.  The story dragged a little for me, with lots of loose ends, and I had a hard time really getting into it.  I think the romance came a little too easy in this story, in a situation that should have been anything but romantic. That made it a little too fantastical to me.

my recommendation

I would probably pass, if it weren’t a part of an anthology.

my review

Unwrapped by Bonnie Vanak

This was my favorite of the three novellas and I would have loved it to be expanded into a full-length novel.  The backstory was seamlessly woven throughout the story without leaving the reader feeling as if they missed something.  There were twists and turns and the action never stalled.  The gremlins in the story provided unexpected humor and kept the story fresh and light.

my recommendation

This was a fun story and I would have loved it if were longer!

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