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Trust No One Blitz

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Trust No One Blitz

Author: Glenn Dyer
Series: Conor Thorn Series, #4
Publication date: December 11th 2023
Genres: Adult, Historical, Thriller

Loyalists meant to rid their country of a double-dealing collaborator. Instead, they created a threat that could destroy Allied unity.

Algiers. Winter 1942. Conor Thorn is devastated. He’s been fired from the OSS. His wife, Emily, has been fired from MI6. They allowed their morals to bend certain truths concerning the outcome of their last mission. Forever dedicated to defeating Axis powers, these skilled operatives jump at the chance to secretly help General Eisenhower deal with a political time bomb threatening Allied harmony and to redeem their honorable standing. To recover a rumored archive holding the truth about an assassination plot, they must travel deep into perilous Axis territory.

In the crosshairs of those determined to keep the information out of Allied hands, Conor and Emily fall victim to a violent assault. Though the resulting injuries leave him severely concussed and confused, Conor refuses to stand down while his beloved ventures deeper into danger.

Can Conor and Emily piece together a political puzzle in time to keep Allied unity from fracturing?

Trust No One is the high intensity, gritty fourth book in the Conor Thorn WWII espionage series inspired by true events. If you like heart-pounding action and white-knuckled tension, then you’ll love Glenn Dyer’s thrill ride through history.

an excerpt

Conor was about to pull her toward him and land a wet one on her lips when the sound of footsteps on the deck made Emily look away. L’Herminier entered the compartment and leaned against the stack of bunks across from them. He wore rain gear that still trickled the soggy topside elements.

“My corpsman thinks you are a fool. He says he is done with you.”

“He’s doing his job, Commander. Just like I plan to do,” Conor said. “What did I miss?”

L’Herminier slipped off his rain slicker and wide-brimmed hat and snapped both free of the rain. “Thanks to your idea, we escaped from under the sub-chaser’s nose, surfaced down current about where you thought we would.” L’Herminier chuckled. “Not bad for a destroyer sailor.”

“Thanks, Commander. You were pretty cool under fire. I could see your men put a lot of trust in you. I hope I didn’t play too heavy a hand.”

“I’m sorry. Explain this heavy hand,” L’Herminier said.

“Besides being stubborn, Americans can be a bit…indelicate. Forceful. I believe the French word that fits best is énergique,” Emily said. Conor let her have her fun.

“Aah, yes…pushy,” L’Herminier added.

“You two about done?” Conor asked. Emily and the commander shared a sly smile. “It feels like we’re back on the surface. How far from the coast are we?”

“Ten minutes ago, we were about three hundred and eighty kilometers south.”

Conor crunched the numbers. A little more than two hundred and forty miles. At the sub’s flank surface speed, he calculated they were approximately eleven hours from the coast. “How’s your boat?”

“Normal damage reports. Pipe leaks, valve failures. A dive plane that seems to have been mangled some. The bearing issue in the port-side electric motor is a concern. We are affecting repairs while we are on the surface.”

“And the crew?” Emily said.

“Plenty of bruises and head stitches. Nothing serious. Your friend Jackie has a nasty gash on his forearm. Overall, we were lucky.”

“Lucky is good,” Conor said.

“Now, my turn. Are you still set on going ashore given your condition?”

“Commander, that is still being discussed,” Emily said. “Well, decide. If he stays, say your goodbyes now, while you have a little privacy. Some of the crew will occupy the rest of these bunks in the next fifteen minutes.” The commander took two steps to leave, then turned. “And the answer is no, if you’re wondering if the bunk can handle two people. At least not in the way you might be thinking.”

about the author

GLENN DYER is a former commercial television executive whose career spanned over thirty-five years. That career took him to cities such as Salt Lake City, Dallas, Washington, DC, and Denver. He returned to Park City, Utah in retirement in 2013 to write full-time. He is an associate member of the International Thriller Writers, the Author’s Guild and The OSS Society. Glenn attended Villanova University and graduated from Boston University. He and his wife, Chris, have three children, all of whom live too far away. Visit his website at www.glenndyer.net and follow him on Twitter @duffy_dyer and Instagram @glennduffydyer.

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