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The Model’s Last Pose Blitz

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The Model’s Last Pose Blitz

Author: Nancy Pennick
Series: The Pearl Hotel Cozy Mystery Series, #1
Publication date: March 26th 2024
Genres: Adult, Cozy Mystery

In a cozy tearoom of a prestigious five-star hotel, three friends embark on a mission to solve a murder along with a koi that appears to read minds.

Faced with a severe case of writer’s block, best-selling author Serena Tate seeks help from her close confidant, Mia, a popular fashion designer. Mia suggests that Serena observe the inner workings of her forthcoming fashion show for inspiration. What unfolds is beyond her wildest expectations—a shocking murder of a supermodel. Together with their tech-savvy friend, Lily, the unlikely trio embarks on a mission to uncover the truth.

an excerpt

Where should I start? Ooh, that cameraperson looks frazzled. I’ll offer my help. Serena headed in the man’s direction. “Hi, excuse me, I’m Serena Tate…”

“Yes, yes, Serena Tate.” The slim, nervous man, a few inches taller than Serena, stopped fumbling with the camera lens and stuck out his hand. “A pleasure to meet you. I’ve been meaning to read your book, but with all this going on, I’m overwhelmed.”

“I see that.” Serena gave him her friendliest smile. “May I ask why you are…?” She twirled her forefinger in the air.

“Upset? Flustered? I’m Ted Lewis, by the way. My friends call me Teddy.”

“Well, Ted, nice to meet you.”

“You can call me Teddy.”

“Fine. Teddy.” Friends already? Serena bit her lip, a habit she’d had most of her life, to keep from laughing. “Anything I can do to help?”

“Do you know Ava Taylor?” Teddy checked the room with an uneasy gaze as if she’d appear in a puff of smoke.

“From photos, yes. She’s a top model.” Serena winced, not sure if her answer was correct. Her girls had shown her photos and videos of models, but Serena had no interest and didn’t know one model from the other.

“A supermodel,” Teddy corrected. “A highly paid fashion model.” He leaned closer to Serena. “She thinks she’s the boss of everyone.” He dropped his voice. “No one likes her.”

“A difficult supermodel. Who knew?” Serena nodded. “What can I do? Ask her to be nicer?”

“If you see her coming, let me know,” Teddy answered. “She wants to critique every photo I take. I can’t do anything right in her opinion. Do you know how many hours I’ve wasted reshooting her when I already have perfectly good photos?”

I hope that was a rhetorical question. “Does Mia get a say?”

“No. It’s in Ava’s contract. She gets the first right of refusal no matter who hires me.”

From the corner of her eye, Serena noticed a tall, sleek beauty headed their way. She walked as if on a runway. Obviously, a model. Her long caramel brown hair had natural golden highlights. Parted to one side, it draped enticingly over one of her shimmering green eyes.

“Teddy, my dear man!” Ava said when she reached them. “I’m surprised Mia hired you for the shoot. I guess she couldn’t get Raphael to fly in from New York City.” She placed her hands on his shoulders. “I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

That’s insulting. “Hi,” Serena said, offering her hand. “I’m Serena…”

“Tate. I heard.” Ava sneered. “Sorry, I don’t have time to read books.”

about the author

Nancy Pennick grew up and still lives in Northeast Ohio. After a career in teaching, she began writing young adult and romance books. The Waiting for Dusk series includes a historical fiction prequel, Broken Dreams. The sci-fi romance series about time travel has three books-Waiting for Dusk, Call of the Canyon and Stealing Time. The Swedish influences in the series come from her mother whose parents emigrated from Sweden.

Her second YA series-Twenty Nine-had slowly developed over time. One Leap Year, an idea came to her and she created the characters and story based on that special day, February 29.

Nancy has branched out into historical romance with her Clan MacLaren series and romantic suspense, The Secret Billionaire Society and Billionaire’s Bride series.

Nancy is married and has one son who helps her when she’s challenged by tech, which may be more often than he likes!

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