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Storm and Embers Blitz

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Storm and Embers Blitz

Storms and Embers

Author: C.D. Britt
Series: The Reign of Goddesses, #3
Publication date: 1 November 2022
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

Archon of Zephyr.
Queen of the Goddesses.
A Broken Woman.

Hera has reigned over Olympus and humanity for millennia. Seen as cold, sarcastic, and callous, she uses this to her advantage, keeping everyone, including her sisters, at a distance. It’s a lonely life, but it worked, until the Titans decided that breaking her father out of Tartarus was a good idea. A move that put her and her sisters against the Titans in a battle for their thrones upon Olympus.

Dr. Viktor Alden understands being alone. As a man who has spent his immortal life as a nomad, living with an oath that has kept him from allowing anyone to really know him, he is fascinated by the enigmatic woman who quite literally runs the world. Too bad they have a battle they may not win, or even live through, for him to learn the intricacies that make up the Queen of the Goddesses.

Now, two people who have spent their entire lives distrusting the world must learn to trust each other if they want to survive the upcoming war.

Storms and Embers is the final book in the Reign of Goddesses series.
TW: violence, cursing, adult situations.

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an excerpt

Stepping into the domed part of the building, he took in the rows of curved benches lined up before a raised platform, where a long table overlooked the would-be crowd. For a moment, he was distracted from his ordeal by the gravitas of the chambers. He’d seen much of human civilization, and now he stood in a place that held such importance to the much smaller version of the world.

But for all the power he felt in the air, every bit of it gravitated toward one person.

Hera, the Archon and Queen of the Goddesses, stood in the middle of the long table. It’d been so long since he’d glimpsed her in the flesh, not on a screen or a paper. Her blonde hair fell in curls around her oval face and grazed her shoulders, and her stormy gray eyes pierced him with the intensity of a bird of prey spotting its next meal. She was gorgeous; he would never deny that.

When they approached the center of the chambers, West gave him a short nod, and left his side to join Amphitrite, who stood next to the first row of benches with her arms folded

On the opposite side of the aisle was her other sister, Persephone, Ruler of the Underworld. A male with dark blonde hair stood next to her. His green eyes were not hostile, but watchful, much like the guards out front. Viktor felt the man’s power thrumming around him, searching and seeking. If he remembered correctly, this was Devon, West’s closest friend and Demeter’s scion.

When he looked at everyone, they all stared at him pensively, as if struggling to reconcile him with Hestia’s power—or perhaps the memory of Hestia herself, for the Goddesses. Questions were obvious in their eyes, but the answers were unattainable for now, and he was unsure how they would react when he couldn’t give them what they wanted.

The room remained quiet for so long that when Hera finally spoke, he caught West jumping a bit in his seat from his periphery.

“Dr. Viktor Alden, according to Amphitrite, you hold the power of our sister, Hestia. Is this correct?”

Words could trigger the curse, and he was going to play it as safe as he could. So, he silently extended his hand and ignited a flame in his open palm.

A small smile crept along the Archon’s face.

It was both alluring and dangerous.

C.D. Britt began her writing journey when her husband told her she needed to use her excessive imagination to write stories as opposed to creating a daily narrative for him. Ever since she penned her first words, life has been a lot more peaceful for him.

She currently resides in Texas where she has yet to adapt to the heat. Her husband thrives in it, so unfortunately they will not be relocating to colder climates anytime soon.

Their two young children would honestly complain either way.

When she is not in her writing cave (hiding from the sun), she enjoys ignoring the world as much as her children will allow with a good book, music, and vast amounts of coffee (until it’s time for wine).

C.D. Britt is the author of Shadows and Vines and the upcoming book, Sirens and Leviathans.

Both books are part of the Reign of Goddesses series.

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