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Stealing the Bogeyman’s Bride Cover Reveal

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Stealing the Bogeyman's Bride Cover Reveal

Stealing the Bogeyman’s Bride

Author: Georgie Monroe
Series: Faetales, #2
Genres: Adult, Fantasy

Auralia’s biggest mistake was falling in love with the wrong fae ten years ago.

Her second biggest mistake was falling in love with an unseelie she can never be with.

To anyone who witnesses the glares and harsh words between them, Auralia and Donovan seem like they hate each other. But under all that annoyance is a passion they can’t quench.

When Auralia’s husband tells her it’s time to return to him, she has to say goodbye to her dream life in the Unseelie Royal Court. It’s for the better. They would banish her if they knew her past and what she’d done to become the king’s most trusted advisor.

However Donovan has a different idea of how their parting is going to go—or how it will never go, because he’s not giving her up. Not ever. Even if he has to steal her.

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about the author

Georgie Monroe is an author of sassy erotica romance. Born on the southern east coast, she’s a firm believer that mac and cheese solves nearly any problem and that spring weather means the day’s outfit will consist of seven layers. She’s terribly optimistic and will douse anyone around her in “it’s going to work out” sparkles. And she loves to write all the juicy parts of relationships between a variety of people so that her readers can enjoy stepping into the lives of fun, sexy, and sometimes highly flawed people who deserve a well-earned happily ever after.

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