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Resonate Blitz

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Resonate Blitz


Author: Erin Wilkerson
Series: The Avalon Series, #1
Publication date: May 1st 2023
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Sixteen year old Tamar Linsky has had enough!

After surviving twenty-two devastating quakes on an increasingly unstable Earth, she leaves the slow destruction of her world behind for an internship as far away from tragedy as she can get—humanity’s first lunar colony.

Lunar Base One is a high-tech research facility brimming with the brightest young minds from all over the world, but through it all, she will beat her peers and make a name for herself as a groundbreaking scientist. Even if a good-looking prankster threatens to distract her—knowing relationships are forbidden—bringing more secrets and drama than Tamar can bear.

Just when she thought she was getting a grip on the pressure, a geological catastrophe wipes out civilization back home.

Now cut off from the Earth she was desperate to escape, Tamar and her crew must find a way to survive on their own.

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an excerpt

She was blocked. His gorgeous sapphire eyes studied her. Now they were at a stalemate, watching each other. His head tilted, allowing a few thin strands of his dark hair to fall over one eyebrow.

He had her now. If only she could get him away from the door she came through.

So, she was going to have to pretend to hack his wrist device again. If she could get him to come toward her, maybe she could maneuver around him to freedom. With her Pharos still connected, she brought up a flicker board.

He took a step forward, then another, observing her carefully. She kept pressing buttons, pretending not to care.

He lunged for her. It was her chance.

She tried to run past him, twirling as she reached his grasp, thinking that would keep him from grabbing her. But he anticipated her spin, catching her with one arm wrapping around her waist and pulled her into the wall.

 Both of their shoulders hit it with a thud. The instant they made impact she tried to take off again, but he grabbed her hips, pulling her back. With his back toward the wall, he wrapped his arm under hers, across her chest, holding the opposite shoulder. He pressed her hard against him so that he could reach out to her hand and take his Pharos. She flung her arms around wildly, struggling to break free, but he was too strong. She couldn’t.

He was so close she could smell him, and gracious did he smell good. It wasn’t an artificial scent like cologne or aftershave either. His chest moved with each breath on her neck, each struggle.

She kept moving her arm, trying to keep him from winning. He grinned from his certain victory as he gripped her arm tight, holding it firm. He began to inch up, closer and closer.

“No!” She exclaimed, then laughed. He was going to get it. He’d won. And once he got a hold of it, he’d let go—but did she want him to?

When he was almost to his prize, she grabbed his hand on her left shoulder and held it. He froze, still holding her other arm. She twisted at the waist to gaze back at him. It stopped him cold, locking him with her bright hazel eyes.

They stared at each other. Only the sound of their breathing could be heard. He seemed confused, analyzing her.

Tender and deliberate, he dropped the arm that was gripping her and wrapped it around her waist as she leaned back into him. His face fell into her neck with a gentle squeeze, like it was something he had wanted to do.

He breathed in. Deep. She dropped her other arm, and held him back. He lifted his head, and with him behind her, she angled her neck to kiss him. His lips were soft, sealing the change in their relationship.

They embraced a little longer before she spun around to face him, running her hands up his back. He relaxed against the wall, clasping his hands around her waist. His eyes were cool and the corners of his mouth turned up. He guided a few strands of her hair behind her ear, not exactly smiling, but, happy.

“What is this?” she breathed.

“You tell me.”

His strong arms made her feel so safe. She could stay here, right here with him.

about the author

“Erin Wilkerson is a writer of YA fantasy and science fiction stories, which often feature fierce, comedic, and sassy female characters ready to take on the world and kick butt. She aspires to hole up somewhere with her manuscripts, writing in isolation for hours, but there is no way that’ll ever happen since she is the proud ringleader of this traveling troupe of rambunctious monkeys. Life swallows up her time, but it makes for hilarious stories to share with her readers. She resides in Texas with her circus. Her debut novel, RESONATE, is set to release on May 1st.”

— Written by close friend and fellow author Ari Augustine.

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