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Moonlight Rip Tide Blitz

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Moonlight Rip Tide Blitz

Moonlight Rip Tide

Author: Yurie Kiri
Series: Murder and Magic, #4
Publication date: September 5th 2023
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Thriller

Want to go for a ride in a classic car? Park by the ocean? Sounds nice huh?

Mona found the man and his car, a beautiful, old Ferrari, very attractive. Sure, she’d go for a ride with him to look at the ocean, the party was boring anyway. Maybe by the time they got back things would liven up a bit…

She felt the bag tighten around her neck, cutting off her air supply. This cannot be happening. She gasped and struggled, but it was no use. He was as strong as he was classically handsome, a real Hollywood leading man type. Everything went dark as she lost consciousness, her last thought was about the mistake she’d made threatening to tell Danny’s wife…

Susan felt that someone was stalking her. She’d gotten several strange calls attempting to make appointments for private exercise and aerobics lessons. Dicky and the cops had wrecked her apartment and she needed to work to get a new place but she was afraid to take on an unknown client. What should she do?

“Get in the car or your pregnant friend is dead!” he said hoarsely. Susan must save Anne, but how?

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an excerpt


Ben Bowen pulled to a stop, looked at the woman sitting next to him, revved the 4-cam V12 engine once then parked the classic 1967 Ferrari 275 GTS convertible on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. His parking spot was in a deserted, crumbling cliff-side part of Rancho Palos Verdes near the famous Pacific Golf Course, west of the LAX airport. Occasionally a jetliner, either leaving or arriving the area would soar high overhead. In between the faint sounds of passing jets, one could hear the surf crashing loudly on the rocks far below, with large waves filling a cove famous for its vicious, deadly rip tide.

“So, do you bring all of your girls to this spot?” Mona asked with a smile when the car’s noisy, smelly engine shut down. She loved sex and adventure which was why she’d gone to the party at Danny Trapp’s house near the golf course. She’d expected to find even more fun at the huge house belonging to one of the richest men in Los Angeles and so far she hadn’t been disappointed. Danny and his string of car dealerships up and down all of California, Nevada and Arizona were worth billions of dollars and along with all that money were special, very expensive cars like the old Ferrari she had ridden in, out to the cliffs with Danny’s friend Ben, who was a truly beautiful young man.

“Of course!” Ben said, sliding the seat back as far as it would go. He loved Danny’s old Ferrari convertible for the way its engine sounded when he revved it and for the way he could move the seats back far enough to fuck women. “Look at how far back the seat goes…” He looked at Mona and hoped she’d take the hint quickly. He wanted to take care of her then get back to the party before too many people might realize that he had gone off with her. Although he’d taken care to not be seen leaving with Mona, some of the people at the party might be able to put two and two together… and that could be bad.

“Cool,” Mona said with a smile at Ben’s bulging crotch. “Want to fuck me here, now big boy?”

“Certainly!” Ben said smiling back at her. He looked at her as she unbuttoned her blouse. Mona was approaching 40 which made her desperate and a little crazy too, he thought. Crazy enough to threaten Danny Trapp with exposure. She’d fucked just about everyone, including Danny and now she wanted money in exchange for not telling Danny’s fourth or was it his fifth wife about their steamy affair. Anyway, Mona was older but she was still quite attractive with a great body and a beautiful face beneath a head of dark, luxurious curly hair made even more attractive with the oriental vanilla fragrance of Dior’s Hypnotic Poison.

“Aren’t you going to get ready, baby?” Mona asked as she pulled her dress up then removed her brief underwear.

“I am always ready for you, Mona,” Ben said, unzipping his pants and giving Mona a peak of his oversized penis.

“Now that’s what I like in a man!” Mona said with a grin. “A big dick!” She turned around, got on her knees then stepped across and straddled Ben in preparation for fucking him with the old Ferrari’s steering wheel pressing against her butt.

“Want to try a plastic bag?” Ben said with a grin. “You know like we were talking about at the party? If we can deprive your brain of just a little oxygen for only a few seconds, it won’t hurt and your orgasm will be ten times more intense…” He looked directly into her brown eyes and smiled seductively.

“Promise?” Mona said with glistening eyes. “Promise me it will be great?” She loved sex and she loved the size of his dick. Fucking him might be the best sex of the party but she’d had to fuck a few more guys to get a good comparison, something she intended to do that evening.

“Of course!” Ben said, pulling a plastic bag out from where he’d stashed it, beneath the driver’s seat. “I promise you, this trick will blow your fucking mind baby! You’ll never forget it! Just let me slip this bag over your beautiful hair. I won’t even mess up your lipstick…”

“Thanks!” Mona said, feeling the building excitement in her body. She grinned and ducked down to let Ben slip the plastic bag over her head.

“It will be so great!” Ben said as he gently slipped the fresh plastic bag over her head while she grinned at him like a fucking idiot and squirmed around on his lap, pressing herself against his stiffening dick. There was no way he was really going to fuck her too, not without a condom needed to prevent leaving any evidence behind. But he only had two hands, both of which were now in use and therefore he had no chance of putting on some protection. He held her close and then closed off the air in the bag with his big, strong hands… Once she stopped struggling he was going to toss her off the cliff. When her broken body was found on the rocks down below, provided she just didn’t wash out to sea with the heavy surf and its dangerous rip tide, the county coroner would rule it either an accident or a suicide, both of which were good outcomes as far as he and Danny were concerned.

about the author

Yurie Kiri’s novel Moonlight Beach won the 2020 Hollywood Book Festival’s award for Genre Fiction. The second book of the series is called Moonlight Canyon and the third book is called Moonlight Rocks.

Yurie Kiri’s novel Moonlight Beach is packaged in Moonlight Duology with its sequel Moonlight Canyon. “Moonlight Duology” has been selected as the winner in the “Sequels” category for the 2023 Los Angeles Book Festival. These two books have been described as something like Carlos Castaneda’s “The Teachings of Don Juan…” combined with Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” only more intense.

Yurie Kiri is currently working on the next book in the series which may be called “Moonlight Riptide” since nothing is more dangerous than getting caught in a riptide at night. This book, tentatively to be released in the fall of 2023, will pit Susan and her friends against Moonlights Rocks’ Sam and his evil buddies. It will be a classic good versus evil story that will keep you guessing until the last page.

In Yurie Kiri’s Tokyo Games, the game character drags the player into a malevolent web of corrupt politicians, despotic religious orders, and ancient, flesh-eating mythological monsters. Yurie’s novel Osaka Games, the second book in the Games series won the 2022 Beach Book Festival’s award for Genre Fiction. Like in Tokyo Games the game character gets dragged into battles with gangsters, corrupt businessmen and Samurai ghosts while struggling to deal with body swappers.

New York Stories, Yurie’s most recent book was the winner of “Unpublished” fiction category in 2022 New England Book Festival. An Entrada Publishing – Beta Reader said, “I loved the feel of the story and the pacing. It [New York Stories] is unique and a little quirky, while tackling ideas that are very possible in today’s society….

Yurie Kiri is a shy, secretive person who lives on a boat, cruising between various ports in the Pacific Ocean. Sailing, writing, and photography are Yurie’s primary passions. Since Yurie’s beloved cat, Fluffy, knows where all the bodies are buried, she’s not allowed to leave Yurie’s sight.

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