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Memoirs of a Succubus Blog Tour

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Memoirs of a Succubus Blog Tour

Welcome to the Memoirs of a Succubus Blog Tour!

I am happy to be a part of this tour!  This was a STEAMY read and you can see my review here!

So welcome Lillian MacKenzie Rhine today on her blog tour for her paranormal fantasy, Memoirs of a Succubus, that will be on sale starting October 10, 2013. Please enjoy her posting that discusses her secrets to creating the second book of the series!

About the Book


Title:  Memoirs of a Succubus
Series:  Memoirs of a Succubus, Book #1
Genre:  erotica, paranormal fantasy
Pages:  about 58
Published:  June 2013
Source:  Book tour
Opening line:  Many, many years ago in an unknown city, in an unknown town there resided a very shy, timid introvert named Natalya Hart.

Rating:  Due to INTENSE steaminess, this is definitely an 18+!

Read a Blurb

Sex – the carnal desire shared between two or more beings resulting in the most powerful of energy surges exhibited by man, animal and beast. Even promiscuity can be seen as normal in today’s world of “hooking up”. Natalya Hart has certainly experienced all the joys that an enormous sexual appetite can provide. Picking up men and making them submit to her has become a sport – an art. However, an unfortunate combination of events take place that cause her to evaluate her present, her past and finally her future. Is she really a young woman having fun living in the hedonistic now, or, is there something else burning in her soul, itching to come out?

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From the Author

Many authors tend to listen to music, watch a great movie, talk to friends and family, or even read books by other authors in order to prepare their pieces. During the writing process, I did only two things to prepare for the second book in the series which is titled Memoirs of a Succubus: Ungulavia. I outlined pivotable points that I wanted to move through for this piece with this being the first time I have planned a piece before the writing began. The second thing I did to help my writing flow will be detailed below in my confession:

Confession Time

I gamed for hours just to get the feel of different fantasy worlds and beasts. I mainly played Kingdom of Hearts and Final Fantasy.

Memoirs of a Succubus has consistently brought in wonderful reviews, so be sure to grab this steamy novella free on October 10 – 11, 2013; after that, it will be on sale for the remainder of October in celebration of Halloween.

For future updates on the second book of the series, Memoirs of a Succubus: Ungulavia, and other works-in-progress, click the below links.

About the Author

Lillian MacKenzie Rhine is a writer who weaves stories together in her mind; creating articulate quilt patched together with interesting characters and riveting plots. She has an open approach to genre writing where the pen dictates the theme written on the pages. Each chosen word that Lillian MacKenzie Rhine engraves into her stories will connect with her readers’ reality at some point in his or her past, present, or future.

Remember, always keep an open mind and it will expand all horizons.

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