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 Love on Thin Ice Series Cover Reveal

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 Love on Thin Ice Series Cover Reveal


Whitney Dineen: https://mybook.to/BreakingtheIce

Kate O’Keeffe:  https://books2read.com/TheReboundPlayt

Grace Worthington: https://books2read.com/friendfaceoff

Melissa Baldwin: https://books2read.com/u/bPl6xR

Elsie Woods: https://books2read.com/TheParentPlaybook

Ellie Hall: https://books2read.com/LAFS

Anne Kemp: https://books2read.com/PenaltiesandProposals

Breaking the Ice
Whitney Dineen

What do an entitled billionaire and small-town ice-skating coach have in common?

My life is not turning out like I thought it would.

My mom’s arthritis has gotten so bad that I had to move in with her. I’m making ends meet by giving ice skating lessons at the arena in Maple Falls. I’d be in serious trouble had the Harts not given me that job.

Which makes it impossible to say no when they ask me to let Troy’s obnoxious billionaire brother stay in the cabin on my mom’s property during the charity hockey event they’re running.

First the tabloids call me out for being a cheapskate and then Yolanda Simms takes to national television to tell everyone what a vicious heartbreaker I am?

Yeah, my life has been better.

My brother thinks I can fix my bad press by coming to Maple Falls and donating big to his new charity endeavor. Too bad he didn’t mention the woman who owns the cottage I’ll be staying at hates me with a passion.

He also didn’t mention she’s everything I’ve ever looked for in a woman…

The Rebound Play
Kate O’Keeffe

If you get a second chance at love with your hockey star ex, should you take it?

What do you do when your NHL superstar ex skates back into your small town? Drop to the ground and hide behind the bleachers, praying he doesn’t see you. That was the plan, anyway. But Lady Luck must be having an off day because Dan spots me, my hood over my eyes, pretending I’m not there.

Mature? No.

Necessary? Absolutely.

Humiliation washes over me, and the wall around my heart stands firm. Dan might be back, but I can’t afford to let him in again. Not after the heartbreak of losing him once before.

When he offers to coach my nephew, I reluctantly agree. Every smile he flashes at me, every kind word, threatens to crack my resolve. But I can’t go through that again. I have to protect my heart.

I want Keira back. End of story.

The Friend Face Off
Grace Worthington

Getting involved with your brother’s best friend is risky enough. But when he’s a hockey player? It’s a whole new level of bad idea.

As a ravenous reader, I’ve got a secret: I’m obsessed with hockey romances.
But let me tell you, real life hockey players are nothing like my book boyfriends.

So I threw down the gauntlet on BookTok. I challenged any single guy out there to prove me wrong. Can a real hockey player be as romantic as the ones in my favorite stories?

Enter Dawson Hayes, a goalie with a point to prove and my brother’s best friend. He’s confident he can win me over and take me on the most romantic date of my life.

But there’s a catch: for me to accept, I have to pretend that he’s my fake boyfriend. Now everyone in my small town thinks that Dawson and I are having a fall fling. Even if it’s a fling that can’t last.

Worst of all, I’m starting to believe this fling is real. I’m falling for my brother’s best friend.

The first time I met Emmy, her brother warned me to stay away. As hockey teammates, that made her totally off-limits.

But now I’m back in Emmy’s small town to play in a charity hockey match, and I can’t resist her dating challenge: to find out if any man can be more romantic than the book boyfriends she adores.

Emmy and I are both fiercely competitive, and I’m determined to win her over.

When the moment of truth comes, the chemistry between us turns into something neither of us expected: a romantic face-off between friends who are insanely attracted to each other.
Now, I’m out to prove to her that you should never judge a book by its cover—or a hockey player when it comes to love.

The Friend Face Off is a brother’s best friend, closed door hockey romcom with fake dating, friends to lovers and You’ve Got Mail vibes.

Love in Overtime
Melissa Baldwin

Playing hockey in Maple Falls was meant to be just a charity gig, but then my new publicist showed up, melting the ice—and my heart.

I never anticipated being roped into a charity hockey game during the off-season. But here I am, heading to Maple Falls, all because my publicist decided to retire. Change was inevitable, but I didn’t foresee it coming so soon.
Getting assigned a new publicist, Blair Radcliffe, didn’t sit well with me at first. However, there’s something about her – a fierce determination that’s both intriguing and challenging. I wonder if she’s ready for the whirlwind that is Cooper Montgomery. One thing’s certain– I can’t afford to fall for my publicist.

I still can’t believe I landed my dream job. The excitement is overwhelming, and I’m determined to carve out my path in the industry. But there’s one obstacle standing in my way– Cooper Montgomery, the seemingly uncooperative hockey star. Nevertheless, I’m ready to tackle the challenge head-on, and perhaps some time away in a quiet town like Maple Falls will work wonders.

What I didn’t anticipate was developing a crush on my own client. It’s the ultimate taboo in my profession, a mistake that could jeopardize everything I’ve worked for. I’m at a loss on how to navigate this newfound attraction, especially when it appears that Cooper might feel the same way. I’m not sure what to do next.

The Parent Playbook
Elsie Woods

I don’t know when dad jokes and mismatched socks became my type, but that hockey dude skated into my life like a runaway puck… and I think I like it.

I know I should be thankful that my charity was selected by the Ice Breakers hockey team. It’ll make a huge difference in children’s lives all over the state.

There’s only one problem:

I hate hockey dudes.

I have to remind myself of that fact when Scotty MacFarland with his groan-worthy dad jokes slips into my life like he’s always been there.

No matter how hard I push back on that perfectly formed chest, Scotty remains strong, giving me the space I need. I’m beginning to think I don’t want to have so much space anymore.

But by the time I figure that out, it just might be too late.

The only thing I love more than hockey is my daughter.

It was a no-brainer for me to give up the ice when I became a single dad, and I didn’t look back. But when the call came to coach the Ice Breakers, the opportunity was too good to pass up, and I thought my girl would thrive with a fresh start in Maple Falls.

Turns out, the leaves weren’t the only thing falling in Maple Falls.

Angel Davis swooped into my life and pieces I didn’t know were missing started to fall into place. A devoted single mom, director of a children’s charity, and all-around spark of sassiness, she and I find an easy rhythm, despite her throwing a boot at my face.

But Lily comes first. And if I have to leave behind a future with Angel before it’s started in order to do what’s right, I will.

Though it seems fate has other ideas.

Love at First Skate
Ellie Hall

They say love is messy. Turns out friendship is too, especially when you’re stranded in a cabin with your best friend and hearts are on thin ice.


I’ve heard that men and women can’t be friends without it becoming something more. Harlow and I put that theory in the penalty box, thank you very much.

She laughs at my jokes, secretly admires my hockey butt, trusts me with her biggest fear (it’s safe with me). In turn, she knows everything about me. Well, almost.

There’s been a recent development. I’m gone for her. Down bad. Solid Crush. She lives rent free in my mind. I’ve caught feelings. This wouldn’t be a problem except, you know, the whole it shattering our friendship thing.


You know those days you want to erase? It went like this: my boyfriend broke up with me (it was overdue), and then I broke up with my job while at a work conference (it was mind-numbing).

In an ironic twist, I won the raffle for a romantic getaway trip for two. Who else to bring other than my best friend who’ll gladly commiserate with me? He has a hockey event nearby, so it works out perfectly.

Until we’re stranded in the cozy cabin together. There’s a blaze of attraction. A friendship-changing kiss.

What now? Do we hit the reset button? Salvage what we had? Pretend it never happened? These are things I’d talk to my bestie about, but I can’t because I’m head over heels for him.

Penalties and Proposals
Anne Kemp

It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch. When life hands me reformed hockey star Noah Beaumont, AGAIN, am I supposed to make cider or is there a sweeter surprise in store?

I never wanted to see Noah Beaumont again. EVER. When I kicked him off my set after he showed up intoxicated, his PR team tried to blacklist me. I made it over that hurdle, made a name for myself, and I’m heading to Maple Falls to cover a charity ice hockey team that’s making headlines…only to find out I have to work with HIM.

But this Noah seems different. He’s reformed and seems to be determined to show me he’s changed. Can I trust him, or will he be the same disaster I remember?

I’ve spent years trying to make amends for my past mistakes, questioning if I still belong in the world of hockey or if it’s time to step back, be ‘normal’. But seeing Willa again brings everything into sharp focus. She’s the woman who’s haunted my thoughts since the day I met her.

Now, she’s here in Maple Falls, and I’m determined to prove I’m not the same man she remembers. I want her to see the real me, the man I’ve worked so hard to become. Can I convince her to give me a second chance?

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