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Lipstick Diaries Blitz

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Lipstick Diaries Blitz

Lipstick Diaries: Chemical Reaction

Author: Tiye
Publication date: February 17th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Chemical Reaction: Second Chance Romance

Five years ago, Simone Austin walked away from Chris Alexander, the possible love of her life. Their mad chemistry still haunts her, and no other man has been able to live up to the man she left behind. Tired of being single, Simone, two of her cousins, and her best friend make a pact. They vow to be sexually fierce, completely open, and purposeful in getting what they each want from men.

Even second chances.
After a thirst-trapping pic of Simone is posted on IG, she receives plenty of male attention, including a private message from Chris. Simone can feel the heat through his words and decides to reconnect. Soon old insecurities seep in, and Simone questions if she’s too afraid to get burned again to take another risk on Chris.

**This is a follow-up to Chemistry and the beginning of Lipstick Diaries**

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an excerpt

“What do you want?”

“I don’t know,” I answered quickly.

Chris sighed. “You know what you want. Still the same frustrating Simone. Too afraid to live. To enjoy the here and now. It’s a Friday afternoon, and I’m here for the weekend. Can we be real for once?”

Incensed at his bite, I hit back. “Really? From what I remember, I was always real. You were the one pretending.” I pushed my chair back. “If I’m so frustrating, you can take your tired ass back to New York. Sorry for wasting your time.”

He quickly put his hands up. “Simone, calm down. Please. Sorry. Guess I’ve been wishing so long to talk to you, I’m about to blow it because I am demanding and determined when I want something.” Chris admitted sheepishly, “Might even be a little aggressive when it comes to wanting you.”

I ducked my head slightly to hide my blush at his honest admission about still wanting me. “Let’s not forget impatient.”

“Oh no, that’s you.” He pointed with his fantastic smile, softening his retort. “I would’ve waited forever to be with you.”

Not quite able to meet his eyes, I replied quietly, “Sometimes I wonder if we confused lust for love. Everything escalated so fast for us.”

“Never for me. I wanted you since that first day of class. I’ve been with women, been in love a time or two, even had a wife, but you affect me like no one ever has.” He placed his hands under the table but not before I caught the trembling.

“Affect? Not affected? Not past tense?” I shook my head and moved my cup to the side. “After all these years, you can’t possibly still feel the same?”

He searched my face earnestly. “Why is that hard for you to believe? You wouldn’t have asked to see me if you didn’t feel something for me. Like you said, it’s been years.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Chris grinned. “I plan to after this weekend.”

I wagged my finger. “You’re not going to get me caught up anymore.”

“Then why am I here?”

Thinking of the Lipstick Diaries and what they would tell me to do, I inhaled deeply and glanced around the half-empty coffee shop. I knew exactly what I wanted when I noticed he liked my pic.

“Why am I here, Simone?” His brow furrowed deeply. “Did you ask me here to tell me you’re getting married or some crazy shit? If that’s the reason, you didn’t have to bother. Figured that would happen for you sooner or later since that’s all that seems to fucking matter to you.”

“Who’s the one still mad, now?” I leaned closer, his anger making me even hotter for him. “I want you one last time. This weekend. You and me. Nothing but sex.”

about the author

I recalled reading romance ever since I was a young child and would sneak and read the Western love stories my grandmother kept on her bedside table. Although I didn’t understand half of the words I read at the time, something about those books captured my attention. As I grew older, my love of romance expanded to other genres, and I became a fan of anything remotely related to reading and books, such as libraries, bookstores, and the coffee shop around the corner. I love to travel and have lived in several cities, including New Orleans, Washington D.C., and Houston, and continue to find inspiration for my stories from every place I’ve had the fortune to visit or inhabit.

I want my readers to escape their realities and embark on a journey of self-exploration and love when they delve into my books. I’ve loved reading fiction, thrillers, and romance for years. Although my original (and still) writing interest was YA and self-help books, I received a surprise text one Valentine’s Day, and wrote the very first chapter of a romance novel that day. And I became forever inspired to write spicy love stories – with a twist.

Please take a ride with me, Tiye Love, and hold on to your hearts! I invite you to check out my website and join my newsletter at

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