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Featuring Sheila Hendrix

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Thank you, Sheila, for guest posting!

Why book covers are so important?

Someone asked me the other day how I find new books that I might want to read by authors I don’t know yet. The answer is simple. Book covers. Not only am I a published author but I’m also a Reviewer for Affaire De Coeur magazine. I get books from them that haven’t been published yet and I can usually tell by the cover of the book if I’m going to like it or not. The book cover tells a story. If it’s interesting it will make you want to see what the books is all about. Even when I go to a bookstore and just search books, I look at the covers. If I like the cover, I’ll check out the book. That is how I found one of my favorite authors. The story goes like this, One day I went out to eat at my favorite mexican restuarante, Del Torro’s. When I finished I was planning on going to Walmart and buy me some personal things that I really needed, socks and such. There is a Books a Million across the road and I made the mistake of going inside. If you get me inside a bookstore, I’m pretty much there for awhile. I love bookstores. Anyway, BAM had a sale. I looked at some books and the covers of Sherryln Kenyons books caught my eye. Because I liked them so much I started reading the back of the books and ended up buying almost all of them in her Dark-Hunter series. Needless to say that particular day I didn’t get my essentials. I’d spent all my money on her books. I’d never heard of her before but I liked the covers. I mean who wouldn’t like dark, dangerous looking men. She is now one of my favorite authors of all time. The book covers told a story before I actually read the stories but because I liked what I saw, I was hooked. To me the cover is just as important or even more important than the book itself.
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  1. I must agree with you!! Book covers do “lure” you in! I have had this experience a few times and most of the time a good book cover does mean a good book. However, there are few that caught me off guard and were not so hot :( When doing my reviews, I make sure to mention my thoughts about the cover too!! Glad to see someone feels the same way!

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