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Double Vision Blitz

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Double Vision Blitz

Author: Shaolin Poe
Publication date: July 24th 2023
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

Magic gifts are rare, and they’re a closely guarded secret for mystos—the name for those who possess such abilities. Wyatt Glasson’s talent is speculomancy—an uncommon type of magic that grants him the ability to see any reflected image. Modern civilization and its reflective surfaces mean people are always in view of Wyatt’s magic. And he’s used that advantage to create a wealthy, insulated existence for himself, tucked safely away from magical society. After all, being powerful offers little protection when you’re part of a tiny minority who would rather cut your throat to protect themselves than back you up and risk their safety. But Wyatt’s comfortable life is about to be turned upside down.

When the Arcane building is attacked by a team of rogue mystos, Wyatt is forced to choose between maintaining his anonymity or displaying his unique and powerful ability. Unfortunately for Wyatt, both choices come with grave consequences.

an excerpt

As I drew closer, I heard fighting. I peeked around the corner. Both April and the intruder were on the floor. The assailant, while obviously strong, was struggling to keep April’s head and neck in a sleeper-hold. It looked like he was trying to crush her neck. Not a bad choice—no blood, no noise. I think he’d expected no struggle as well, but that clearly hadn’t panned out. April slid her hands underneath his forearm, giving her a chance to gasp some air. She was wriggling like a worm on a hook. I took a deep breath. It was now or never.

I stepped around the corner, gun extended.

“Freeze, Scumbag!”

I immediately regretted my word choice—I definitely lost a few cool points with that verbal gem. I may have even winced. On the bright side, I brandished my pistol without tossing it to the ground. My victory was brief. In one fluid move, the intruder rolled to his side, kicked the pistol from my outstretched hand, and tightened his choke hold on April.

Charlie appeared next to the wrestling duo in his multicolored pajamas and scrunched his eyebrows, arms motioning wildly. “You suck at this.”

I stood there for a moment, stunned at how quickly I went from hero to loser.

“Well?!” Charlie said, “Don’t just stand there! Ball up your fists and punch that guy before he pops April’s head off!”

The comment jarred me from my frozen state. I dropped to my knees and swung my fist with as much strength and weight as I could muster. I heard the assailant’s nose crunch. Unfortunately, my aim was a little off and, as I followed through, I also clipped April’s right eye. The intruder let April go, and I fell on top of him, swinging with alternating fists. We grappled on April’s hardwood floor, and my brave offense quickly turned into a lackluster defense. While I stopped the assassin from getting to his weapon, he hardly needed it. He was kicking my ass. Evidently, video game kung fu fighting didn’t translate well into the real world.

The intruder pinned me to the ground, my stomach on the floor, his knee on my back, my head twisted to the side. I briefly pondered my imminent death when April sprang into action. In one swift motion, she righted herself on one knee, scooped up my orphaned pistol, and fired it twice, putting a single bullet through each eye socket. The attacker slumped to the ground with a dull thud as if he were a marionette and his strings had been cut. Blood oozed from his nose and what were now mutilated eye sockets. I tried to appreciate the poetry of her method, an eye for an eye and such, but mostly I was preoccupied with trying to not further humiliate myself by vomiting.

She aimed the still smoking barrel at my head with a collected calm that sent ice skittering through my belly. “Who the fuck are you?”

about the author

Shaolin Poe is the pen name for a husband and wife writing duo. Shaolin is a combination of their first names, and Poe is an homage to Edgar Allen Poe. They met in the military while flying on the same spy plane. They love to transport readers to unexpected places and showcase the humor of situations. When they aren’t creating make believe worlds, they enjoy music, traveling, board games, stand-up comedy, and posting to their blog shaolinpoe.com.

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