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Cat’s Protector: Males of Mutang

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Cat’s Protector: Males of Mutangtitle: Cat’s Protector: Males of Mutang
author: Lynne Fitzpatrick
published: 19 January 2020
publisher: SkyShan Publishing
genre(s): romance, sci fi
pages: 283
source: client
format: manuscript
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rating: two-half-stars

the blurb

Catherine “Cat” Wilson’s dreams turned to dust in an instant. After building a successful construction business and coming to terms with her infertility, her hopes of becoming a mother were destroyed by the fascist Earth government. Refusing to fall into despair, she hatches a desperate plan to escape Earth on her terms.
Agreeing to build an operations center for the galactic police force on a desolate moon, Cat finds herself assigned a group of protectors. Mutang, the moon, is inhabited by males deemed too aggressive for their society. For Cat, her lead protector, N’ye, fills her with desire.
Succumbing to temptation, Cat finds herself constantly butting up against the strange cultural norms of the Mutangese. She also finds no supplies to build the operations center she promised.
N’ye and Cat must conquer giant bugs, vengeful females, murderous traitors, and their own fears to get their happy ending.

About Lynne Fitzpatrick

Lynne Fitzpatrick has always loved romance novels since she was an awkward teenager stuck in a hospital bed with nothing to do. Her imagination was allowed to take flight as she fought spies, saved the world from nuclear war, and flew into the stars. After reaching the pinnacle of her chosen field, she realized her success was meaningless as she was miserable. Taking the biggest risk of her life, she jumped into the career she always dreamed of with both feet. Scary? Nope, terrifying, but she is happy. She resides with her husband, children and pets.

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