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The Last Minute First Lady Blitz

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The Last Minute First Lady Blitz

The Last Minute First Lady

Author: Tinia Montford
Publication date: December 22nd 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Cassian Anders will be the youngest governor in Illinois history… If he wins.

That’s all everyone seems to talk about these days. Jolie Coldwell isn’t one of them. As a journalist, her priorities comprise digging up dirt on crooked politicians and local cover-ups. When her latest exposé on a congressman gets her into hot water, her days boil down to covering the senior center’s casino night.

Then news breaks the on-air investigative segment is looking for a replacement. She needs this promotion to advance her career.

She needs a breaking story. She needs it now.

The road to office is ruthless compared to the courtroom. When Cassian Anders approval rating falls due to his inability to connect with working families, he will do whatever it means to secure votes. Now, not only is he engaged, but he’s getting married to his non-existing fiancée…

He’s never relied on luck, but when a convenient but unorthodox wife falls into his lap, he makes her a deal.

He needs a wife. He needs it now.

Will Jolie and Cassian be able to fool the public long enough? Can she handle the public poking around in her past, one she would rather keep under wraps… Above all, can she be a model first lady or are they destined to be a scandal?

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an excerpt

“A dirty martini, please.”

The bartender’s eyes went down to Jolie’s cleavage before disappearing to make her drink. If only Jolie were twenty-one again, maybe she would give the bartender the time of day. But she was thirty, and if she wanted a partner; it had to be a man that was steady in his career. Reliable. Caring. And it would help if they looked like Cassian Anders…

The bartender passed her a drink, and she forced herself to relax as she took a long sip. The familiar throat-burning sensation of the gin lit a fire down to her belly. There was a commotion from the entryway, and several people clapped. The hair rose on her arms as she noticed who had walked in.

Cassian Anders.

If she thought he was handsome before, he was downright sexy now.

A suppressed anger pulsated off him. He couldn’t hide it from her. She had too much practice observing and studying body language. His black curls shined under the dim light, his muscle shifting under his suit like a panther as he crossed the room in long strides, nodding as a grin crossed his features. God bless his fiancée.

His thick brow slanted downwards as he commanded attention in the room. He stopped and talked to everyone, plastering a smile on his face as he continued to move with a purpose toward the bar. Toward her.

He was definitely a politician in the making. Giving each person his sole attention, making them feel special. Under the lull of the jazz music playing, she could hear his deep voice rumble.

Forcing her gaze forward, she told herself she didn’t like how his deep, husky voice did strange things to her body. It didn’t help that his announcement from a few days ago was playing silently on a TV in the room.

She wasn’t sure why she ducked her head. Jolie never ran from a fight or cowered for anyone, but she felt severely outnumbered in a room full of his supporters.

“EJ, my man, get me a double Scotch. Neat.”

Forcing herself to relax, from the corner of her eyes, she watched him pass a sleek black card to the bartender. She caught a whiff of his musky cologne and inhaled subtly.

“Miss Coldwell, how nice to see you again,” he said in a silky voice.

about the author

Tinia (TUH-NIA) Montford is a Pisces who’s a sap for romance, especially when there’s (tons of) kissing. Loves eighties sitcoms and will consume anything with chocolate. She graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in English and Graphic Design.

She is a world traveler having climbed a volcano in Nicaragua, scaled Angkor Wat in the blistering sun, and roamed the Acropolis of Athens. Oh, she also dabbles in short stories occasionally.

If you can’t catch her writing, you can bet she’s overindulging on poke bowls, listening to the same four songs, or chilling with her adorbs doggie. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Fiction.

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