Sleigh Spells

my review I’m a sucker for a cozy holiday read, and Sleigh Spells didn’t disappoint! It has everything I want in that kind of book… a snowy wonderland, holiday magic, romance, and a mystery. I loved the world-building, turning the North Pole and the surrounding area into a real place with the fantastical just part of the every day. The characters were quirky and diverse… literally. Shifters, elves, ogres, witches, and even a talking squirrel. Rory has been sent to Holiday Haven to serve out her sentence, an alternative to jail after being busted for theft. But her magic is wonky, as usual, causing her more problems as she is assigned to job after job. Then, when Santa’s sleigh goes missing, too many eyes look at her for it. But not everyone thinks she had anything to do with it, and she finds herself looking for the real culprit with her outlier friends. I loved the dynamics between the characters, and how it created a story that was just as much about friendship and coming into your own as it was the mystery. If you love a great cozy mystery with a magical holiday theme, this is the book! I loved it! reading challenges:2020 Christmas Spirit Readathon::spread the love:: Related Posts By Bella FallsWinter Witches of Holiday Haven Series Merry Mischief Cheery Charms Holiday Hijinks Merry Mischief Cheery Charms Peppermint Pixies Cocoa Curses