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Sapphire Eyes Blitz

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Sapphire Eyes Blitz

Sapphire Eyes

Author: Aurelia Yates
Series: The Red Club Series, #2
Publication date: February 24, 2023
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Innocent, doe-eyed Rose is living the life in New York, interning at the largest law firm in Manhattan with a year left in law school. That is, until her parents tell her they can’t afford to continue paying her tuition. While she’s stressed over how she’ll make ends meet and finish her degree, her friend tells her a secret she’s kept hidden—that she works at a strip club with many rich, good-looking men as her customers.

Rose enters Club Red, looking only for a waitressing position, but what she finds ends up being so much more.

A large man with blond hair and the most hypnotizing sapphire-blue eyes, Blaze wants to put Rose into positions that have nothing to do with serving anything or anyone but him. And he will not stop pursuing her until he makes the darling Rose his.

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an excerpt

When I park the car at Red, I look in the rearview mirror. Rose has her lips drawn tight, her face is red, and she has been staring out of the window since we left her apartment. I told her to grab the backseat so Lilly could sit in the front. Lilly has been talking nonstop. I’ve laughed at a few things, but to tell the truth, I haven’t been listening. The whole ride, my mind was on Rose. I stole glances back and forth between the road and Rose in the rearview mirror.

When we make our way into the club, Lilly looks around in utter shock. Rose is staring at her sister; I can see a battling expression on her face.

“Lilly, let’s grab a drink while Rose gets herself together for her shift.”

I try to help out the pain on Rose’s face. I imagine Rose hasn’t had a discussion with Lilly about what type of bar she works at.

Lilly and I are sitting at the bar. I order a whiskey and Lilly a Coke. When our drinks are placed in front of us, we hear a scream from the back room.

“Fuck!” I yell.

I bolt off my barstool, running at high speed across the floor to get to the locker room. I know Rose just went back there to put her things up. I’m stricken with worry. My chest hurts from the pounding my heart is giving it. I yank the ladies locker room door open, pulling the handle off, throwing it on the floor.

I mutter, “Piece of shit.”

When the door opens, Rose jumps into my arms. Her body is trembling. She’s crying, and I’m wondering what the hell is wrong. I pull her back to inspect her body to make sure she’s not harmed.

about the author

Aurelia writes contemporary romance and enjoys reading it just as much! She lives in Alabama with her husband, daughter and fur babies. She spends most of her time taking care of her loved ones and plotting stories. Excited to begin this new journey, she’s looking forward to sharing her stories.

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