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Prince’s Forgotten Diamond Blitz

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Prince’s Forgotten Diamond Blitz

Author: Emmy Grayson
Series: Diamonds of the Rich and Famous, #2
Publication date: May 21st 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

A prince goes looking for his memory, and finds the woman he most desires, in this sparkling royal amnesia romance by Emmy Grayson.

He’s forgotten everything…
except the desire between them.

Julius wakes after an accident with only two clues to his identity: a diamond engagement ring and the name Esmerelda Clark. He tracks Esme to her Caribbean hideout and shockingly discovers she was once his bodyguard. And he’s a Crown Prince!

Esme fled Julius’s kingdom convinced the ever-dutiful royal was destined for a more suitable bride. He seemingly has no recollection of the forbidden night that’s etched on her memory. Yet his heated gaze tells her their passion is still alive… However, princes don’t marry their bodyguards—do they?

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

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an excerpt

Something in his tone slipped past her hurt. She waited a moment, two, then evaluated the man before her. The man who looked more like a tourist on vacation than a royal prince. The man who had easily lost ten pounds since she’d last seen him. The man who was looking at her with a touch of uncertainty in his amber eyes.

She’d cut off all ties to the palace when she’d left. Told the few acquaintances she had that she would be in touch soon with no real intention of actually following through. She’d also avoided the media, not wanting to see carefully curated photos of Julius with whatever princess or duchess or heiress his father had picked as the perfect wife.

Something had obviously happened since she’d left. Her heart pounded once, twice, her hands yearning to reach out and smooth the furrow between his brows. To wrap her arms around him just once more the way she had the morning after they’d made love. He’d been standing at the balcony doors, hands tucked in his pockets, shoulders rigid as if he’d already resumed carrying the weight of the world. She’d walked up behind him, laid one hand on his back. The muscles had tensed beneath her touch. Reality had told her to step back, give him space. The intimacy they’d shared last night and into the early hours of the morning encouraged otherwise. So she’d slowly slid her arms around his waist, laid her cheek against his shoulder blade. And when he’d finally released a breath, relaxing in her hold, accepting the strength she offered for whatever battle he was fighting, she’d tipped over the edge she’d avoided for so long.

An edge she found once again as he watched her, his eyes roaming over her face as if he’d never seen her before.

It’s over, Esme.

Her chin rose, her spine straightening as she faced down her former lover.

“I’m done listening to you.” She executed a formal bow. “Your Highness.” And then she turned, swept up her robe, and walked away, leaving a soaking wet prince alone on the beach.

about the author

Emmy’s interest in romance can be traced back to her love of Nancy Drew books, when she tried to solve the mysteries of her favorite detective while rereading the romantic chapters with Ned Nickerson. Fast-forward a few years when she discovered a worn copy of “A Rose in Winter” by Kathleen Woodiwiss on her mother’s bookshelf, and she was hooked. Over 20 years later, Harlequin Presents made her dream come true by offering her a contract for her first book.

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