Penalty Kill

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Penalty KillPenalty Kill by Genevive Chamblee
Series: Locker Room Love #4
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Published: 21 August 2021
Genres: lgbtq+, romance
Audience: adult
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Rating: four-stars
Series Rating: four-stars


When the scandal of a double homicide threatens to destroy his career, this billionaire hockey player hires an ambitious sports agent to improve his public image. It’s time to let the puckery begin.
Timothée Croneau is that jock—the bad boy superstar with the naughty reputation. He’s handsome, arrogant, and a billionaire. He’s also the number one person of interest in a double homicide and recently traded to a losing team who is showing him no love. And wouldn’t it be just his luck that his career splashed in the toilet six months after his long-time agent kicked the bucket? Now, he’s stuck with Ryker Kitsch. An agent is supposed to fix his life, though, not break his heart.
Speaking of breaks, ex-athlete Ryker Kitsch wants his in the sports agency realm. He sees his chance to make a name for himself by helping rebrand his agency’s newly acquired hockey star, Timothée Croneau. The guy needs every lick of positive PR he can get. So, why is the devilishly gorgeous forward fighting him at every step and leaving Ryker to wonder if he’s been hired for a babysitting gig?The mess Timothée is stirring was never in any contact Ryker was hired to handle. One thing's for sure. Whether it’s a forecheck or backcheck, collision is inevitable.

my review

Penalty Kill is the fourth book in the Locker Room Love series. This one centers on Ryker, a publicist, and Timothée, a pro hockey player who’s found himself in the middle of unforeseen circumstances.

The romance was not as focused as it has been in previous novels. There is romance, but it didn’t feel like a truly romantic story. Neither Ryker nor Timothée felt terribly romantically inclined, at least not on the surface. For much of it, it felt like a hook-up, a HFN rather than an HEA. What romance there was, I would have loved to see more of it. As it was, I didn’t feel like I got enough resolution between them, too many loose ends. The mystery aspects seemed more at the heart of the novel than the romance, and those were well done.

But that being said, I did love the interaction even if it didn’t feel particularly deep on a romantic level. The dynamic was fun, the dialogue witty. There was a lot of emotional range from light flirtiness to serious and deep to angry and scared.

About Genevive Chamblee

Genevive Chamblee lives in the bayou country in the deep south where sweet tea, football, good music, and colorful family is gospel. She writes contemporary romance, erotic romance, fantasy romance, the occult, Creole culture, and southern drama.

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