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Omen: The Stained Sea Blitz

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Omen: The Stained Sea Blitz

Omen: The Stained Sea

Author: Paul Carver Williams
Publication date: March 31st 2023
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, New Adult

In the wake of a lost messiah, an oppressed religious sect known as the ‘singers of Oros’ are targeted by those in power. A lone singer calling himself Runo works tirelessly to revive the faith of his people by any means necessary, involving a hunt for a witness who could expose his darker actions

Meanwhile, a young slave named Cai is called on by a philosopher to aid in a catalogue of the wealthiest families in Grecuria, starting with the owner of the library where he works. On his journey he must confront a past that isn’t his own.

Lastly, sailing on a sky ship surrounded by merchants, Mele Amahki was given passage to begin a new life. However, everything changes when they find themselves in a new, unexpected world. Mele is thrust into power, unsure of what is best for her crew.

Knowledge, religion, power, and blood run through the veins of the Grecurian islands, but through these three headstrong individuals, the veins will be cut and darkness will stain the sea.

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an excerpt

“The little village was unlike any Cai had visited in his past; he’d never been so deep into a mountain range before. It was formed in the saddle between two peaks with a slushy river creeping around buildings haunted by remnants of an eerie mid-morning mist. The stone was a speckled beige with terraced rooves on which a few birds had nested, watching the four enter through gleaming black eyes. Aside from the birds, two guards stood watch around the entrance, but they were slouched before the squat brick barrier. They scrambled to hike their bodies up to welcome the group after catching the gleaming silver pin on the driver. For guards the two young men were only clothed in what looked to be cotton tunics and some scraps of leather with adjustment straps flopping at the seams.”

about the author

An LGBTQ, Black-Latino young adult, Paul Williams has struggled with his identity, eventually leading to mental illness. However, with support from his siblings, he gained new confidence to express his inner emotions through art and writing. At age seventeen, he published his first book. He is now working endlessly to carve a place for himself among the creative professionals and pave the way for other talented ‘students’ of art and literature.

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