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Foxy Tails

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Foxy Tailstitle: Foxy Tails
author: Natalina Reis
published: 27 April 2023
publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
genre(s): fantasy, lgbtqia+, romance
pages: 262
source: client
format: manuscript
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rating: four-stars

the blurb

Join a witty fox, a divine healer, and their companions on a voyage filled with danger, magic, romance, and surprises in a world where nothing is what it seems in this stunning MM fantasy romance by best-selling author Natalina Reis.

Unloved and broken, Huli knows nothing but hate. Born a nine-tailed fox in a world that hunts demons like him, he does what he must to survive.

Until the day fate throws him right into the arms of the Healer.

Xiao Ying grew up in a family of divine healers. But when he comes back to find his whole family murdered, he vows to bring them the justice they deserve. Xiao Ying chooses a lonely life, gathering the evidence he needs, and not allowing anything to get in his way.

Until the day his life crosses that of a nine-tailed fox and changes forever.

Brought together by fate and united by love, Huli and Xiao Ying embark on the adventure of a lifetime. One that will either answer all their questions or reveal truths they should've left buried.

a few notes

keywords/phrases: fox, royalty, quest, love, family, shapeshifters, demons, supernatural

my review

Foxy Tails reads like a cross between fantasy and reinspired fairy tale, with the mythology of the Chinese nine-tailed fox. That gave it an ancient feel, like that of a story that extends beyond linear time.

The settings were beautifully written, bringing the reader into the world effortlessly. The characters, too, were wonderful, each with their own stories and quirks. Huli, the fox, has had a rough life, living on the fringes of society with his best friend Ling Ling, whom I adored, even though she was a supporting character. Xiao Ying is almost as alone in the world, on his own journey of vengeance. The dynamics and bonds between them are beautiful as they embark on their joint quest.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars

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