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Dead Sound

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Dead Soundtitle: Dead Sound
author: Anise Eden
series: Things Unseen #1
published: 12 October 2021
publisher: Tangled Tree Publishing
genre(s): thrillers
pages: 430
source: client
format: eARC
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rating: four-stars | series rating: five-stars

the blurb

The tender scars on her abdomen throb as memories of the attack come rushing back, flooding her mind and sending her heart racing...

Psychotherapist Neve Keane knew that returning to work at the hospital after being stabbed by a patient would be difficult. But entering her unit only to be surrounded by a crowd of people claiming they need her help to stop the apocalypse—that’s more than she bargained for.
When the crowd’s leader turns out to be a mutual patient of Neve and her best friend, streetwise Irish doctor Cornelius O’Brien, they are both pulled into a Byzantine plot that transforms Capitol Hill General into a dangerous place where threats and betrayals lurk around every corner.
Then their mutual patient falls into a mysterious coma, and the clues he left behind lead Neve and Cornelius straight into Washington, DC’s ugly underbelly, a world of shadowy political forces with long arms and deadly intentions.
As they race to unravel the threads of a sinister conspiracy that leads from their hospital all the way to the White House, Neve and Cornelius realize they might be fighting to stop the end of the world, after all—provided they can survive the week with targets on their backs.

my review

Dead Sound is the first in the new Things Unseen series, and what a great start!

Neve works in mental health, and the book begins with her return to work after having been stabbed by a patient. But her return doesn’t go off without a hitch when a group of patients surrounds her, seemingly worshipping her as the savior of the apocalypse to come. The premise is so engaging… part cult tale, part political thriller, part apocalyptic tale, and even some great romance!

The author does a terrific job of creating an ominous mood, even with the romance and humor. There is so much tension, so much anticipation. And it is such a well-crafted, easily believable, twisty-turny storyline that was clearly well researched. There is a diverse cast of characters with very distinct voices that really lent depth to the story.

This is a great read if you love political or psychological thrillers. It’s also got great elements of cults and apocalptic societies. I definitely recommend this one!

About Anise Eden

Following the advice to “write what you know,” ANISE EDEN is the author of suspense novels with thriller, romance, and paranormal elements. Her qualifications include growing up in countryside where rattlesnakes and cougars jumped out of nowhere; living with family members who are a little bit psychic; and having her life saved on more than one occasion by her SEAL Team of guardian angels.

After college, Anise soaked up life in NYC, Washington DC, and points in between. She tried her hand at grooming horses, scooping ice cream, and designing billboards before returning to school to become a psychotherapist. Though she left that field after many rewarding years, Anise remains a passionate mental health advocate.

Continuing her real-life adventures, Anise is now exploring life in Ireland with her husband and their small, benevolent canine dictator. While her books have won multiple awards, Anise’s propensity for dropping glass objects while barefoot makes it highly likely that her next win will be a Darwin Award.

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