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WitchLove Cover Reveal

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WitchLove by Emma Mills

I am a huge fan of Emma’s and of the Witchblood series, and WitchLove is the upcoming third book in this fabulous series.  The cover art was done by the talented artist Laura Zalenga and is simply stuning!  It is somehow beautiful, yet dark and mysterious as well.  I love it!

To learn more about the books, visit the author’s blog.  You can also follow her on Twitter and “like” her on Facebook.  Find the first two books, Witchblood and Witchcraft on Amazon here.

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  1. meg

    i'm trying to find out when book 3 will be coming out … i'm realy enjoying these books i  LOVE books on witches i carn't seem to find any that keeps my interest enough to keep reading them so if you could let me know when books 3 comes out i would be grateful… thanks meg

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