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Cole Twins Box Set Blitz

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Cole Twins Box Set Blitz

Cole Twins Box Set

Author: Diana A. Hicks
Publication date: February 22nd 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

The Cole Twins Box Set – a steamy romantic suspense box set that includes two full-length, standalone novels.

Here’s what you get:
Wesley Cole
Former Marine
Brilliant Investor and CEO
My first love

Dreamy Wesley Cole never once looked my way when we were kids. As my brother’s best friend, he only thought of me as the pesky neighbor.

I’m not a child anymore. I don’t need Wesley telling me what to do. And I’m sure as hell, I don’t need him telling me how to spend my money. I want him to see that I’m all grown up now.

One way or another, the broody marine will have to understand we belong together.

Zack Cole
Steamy Doctor
Perfect Jerk
My Fake Fiancé

It all started when I kissed the wrong twin brother. And now I can’t stop thinking about the kiss. I can’t stop thinking about Zack’s soft lips and kind eyes. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that now his life is danger because of me.

I’m desperate to stay in the States. Going home would sure end badly for me.

But is the steamy doctor’s proposal to be his fake girlfriend my only way out?

If you like angsty, all-the-feels romance with hot alpha heroes, then you’ll love this suspenseful series.

Contains explicit love scenes and mild violence. No cheating. No cliffhangers.

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an excerpt

“Why are the marines not looking for him?”

“Long story short, after we left Maracaibo, we were honorably discharged. We disobeyed direct orders, and innocent lives were lost. Because we were there on a special ops mission, the marines had been limited on how much they could do for Charlie. I hired someone to go look for him in the jungle.”

“The jungle?” This was crazy. 

“That’s where we were hiding before we were rescued.”

“Evacuated or rescued?” I got the feeling Wesley wasn’t being completely honest with me. 

“Rescued.” He met my gaze, shifting his weight away from me. “The less you know, the better. You should’ve stayed in New York.”

“Don’t you ever say that to me again. I’ve been gone for too long. I put up with it because I had school and Charlie asked me not to come back. But all that is over. I’m home. And I want my family back.” My chest tightened. Was that even possible? To have Charlie back with me so things could be as they were before our parents died, before he sent me away.

Wesley rubbed the side of his face. “There’s also the matter of the Copenhaver estate.”

“What about it? My brother manages it.”

“As stipulated in your parents’ will, before we were deployed to Venezuela, he signed a power of attorney over to Mom’s company, Cole Investment Research Advisors, Inc.” He inhaled. “To me. Anabelle, until we find Charlie, you’re my responsibility.”

“I don’t need a babysitter.” 

What the hell was Charlie thinking? I was an adult. I didn’t need anyone telling me what to do or how to manage my money.

“Executor. And you do need one to access your family’s fortune. Your parents wanted you to be under advisement until you were twenty-five.”

“So you’ll be my babysitter for the next four years? No.” I jerked to my feet. 

The idea of being under Wesley’s anything, like I was some small child, made me want to punch Charlie. I got why our parents didn’t trust a thirteen-year-old to take care of herself, but Charlie knew better.

“Until Charlie is found one way or another, yes. He was only following your parents’ wishes.”

My eyes filled with tears. “What happens to me if he’s really gone?”

“As his only surviving family member, you’ll inherit everything. But until then, I’m responsible for you.”

What was I supposed to do? Wait at home like a good girl and maybe get my family back? No fucking way. I’d been playing the good sister for eight years, and that got me nothing but lonely nights and sad holidays. I’d been alone for too long. I wanted more. I couldn’t live with this bullshit of an arrangement while my brother was lost in some jungle. 

Charlie needed me. I had to find him.

about the author

Diana A. Hicks is an award-winning author of steamy romantic suspense and science-fiction romance.

When Diana is not writing, she enjoys hot yoga, kickboxing, traveling, and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate. She lives in Atlanta and loves spending time with her two children and husband. Connect with Diana on social media to stay up to date on her latest releases.

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