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WooneyvilleWooneyville by Matt DiSpirito
Series: Zombified Episodes #1
Published by Self-published on 2011-03-09
Genres: horror
Pages: 140
Source: author
Format: eBook
Buy/Shelve it: Amazon | B&N | BookBub
Rating: three-half-stars
Series Rating: four-stars


Classic zombie horror comes to Wooneyville!

Joey isn't about to let his girlfriend become zombie chow, but she is on the other side of a town and flesh-eating monsters are quickly outnumbering the living.

Without a vehicle, Joey shoots and slices his way through the streets, carving a path to the medical center where his girl, Dana, works the graveyard shift.

Chaos reigns on the streets of Wooneyville.
The police are overwhelmed and the people are scared witless, but something else is going on. Joey witnesses long-dead corpses--some of them no more than skeleton--rising from their graves.

My Review

The first in a series, Zombified starts with a bang, full of action.  In an incredibly short amount of time, zombies have taken over the town, at an alarming rate.  No one knows how or why it has started and the zombie population quickly overtakes the uninfected human population.  The story has everything you need for a good horror novel:  gore, suspense, creepiness, and a battle for survival.  The plot is a good one, with lots of action to keep you in the story.  While definately gory, there were also a lot of suprisingly funny parts, especially within the dialogue of Joey.  The story also went beyond the typical zombie apocolypse stories I have read, bringing zombies out of the grave and even a cameo appearance of a zombie dog!  I liked the fact that although it was basically a zombie story, there was a lot of suspense and mystery underneath.  When the novel ends, you are left with questions, questions I won’t expand upon so as not to drop a spoiler.  But there are hints throughout that there is more to the story than that which meets the eyes.  There are hints that the apocolypse wasn’t a total surprise, and that it mysteriously doesn’t affect some people.

My Recommendation

A great lead into the next book, Zombified (Episode 2:  Yankee Heights), out now and which I will be picking up to continue the story.  It’s a quick read, and a fun one!

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