Land of Corn Chips

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Land of Corn ChipsLand of Corn Chips by Angela Carlie
Published by Self-published on 2011-10-19
Genres: fantasy
Pages: 132
Source: author
Format: eARC
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Rating: four-stars


Eleven-year-old Nate Hansen never believed in dragons before an eccentric man with a purple-feather hat kidnaps him. Spirited to the Land of Corn Chips on the back of a mechanical yellow dragon, Nate must find a way to avoid being ground into compost. His only hope of escape is to earn the friendship of the local wrestling gang and zombie kids, and to believe in a parent he no longer trusts.

My Review

Land of Corn Chips is the second novel from author Angela Carlie, a middle grade fantasy.  Nate is an eleven year old boy obsessed with wrestling and football.  He is a kid that many of us can relate to, regardless of our age.  He is an average kid, in a family divided by divorce.  He feels that his dad has chosen his new girlfriend and her daughter over him and it hurts him.  An offhanded wish he makes to himself proves to be the worst thing he could have done.  In moments his life changes in unbelievable ways.  From the moment Nate is swept into the Land of Corn Chips, the reader is right there with him.  The story was full of action and lots of unexpected twists that keep you turning the pages.  The world in which the story was set was a very interesting one, too.  There were just enough elements of reality blended with the fantasy to create a very surreal world.  Just as you were gliding along with the fantasy elements, there would be something that sparked of reality.  Other times, the story would follow very real lines and the fantasy would creep back in.  I loved the twisting and turning of reality and fantasy, keeping you, as the reader somewhere in between them.

The character of Nate was the perfect hero for this story.  I like that he was developed to be a regular kid with no special abilities, an average kid.  His strength and his refusal to give in and give up were part of what made him such a great character.  He wasn’t afraid of taking the lead and he had compassion for the other kids, always thinking beyond himself.  The other characters, both minor and main, were all equally well developed.  Whether you liked them or not as a character, they were fully believable.

My Recommendation

I really enjoyed this book, and my 14 year old son will soon be reading it and reviewing it as a guest blogger on my site.  There are a few minorly gory scenes, but not inappropriately so.  I definately recommend this book!

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