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Blood Divided

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Blood Dividedtitle: Blood Divided
author: Kevin James Breaux
series: Soul Born Saga #2
published: 30 December 2011
genre(s): fantasy
pages: 320
source: author
format: paperback
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rating: five-stars | series rating: five-stars

the blurb

There exists an ancient elven proverb, dating before the time of man. Life and death, like day and night, meet at a point where they blend into one. It is that brief moment when anything is possible.
There was a time when four sparks of life burned brighter than the sun itself. Megan was born with power, Lucien born with station. Autumn was born full of life, while Nathan was entwined with death.
Peace has come and gone... The conflicts of old have returned-rejuvenated and driven. This is the beginning of the end. The children of Karn have come of age, and now they will take part in shaping the fate of Illyia.
Will they join forces, or with blood will they be divided?

my review

Blood Divided is the second in the Soul Born Saga from author Kevin James Breaux and is my favorite so far!  I have been an absolute fan of Kevin’s work since Soul Born, absolutely loving his way with words.  My favorite thing about the first book was that, while definitely following the epic fantasy tradition, there was no clear line between good and evil.  I was happy to see this continue in Blood Divided, a fresh and different way to go with the fantasy genre.  It helps create characters that are so much more believable, practically jumping off the pages, much more than just words on a page.  There was a very interesting mix of characters in this book, many falling into that gray area between good and evil.

This is the kind of book that you fall into and become a part of the world in which it is set.  You feel for and with the characters and you live in the story with them.  There are twists and turns, sadness and anger, honor and betrayal, and no small amount of intrigue.  I love a book that makes you both love and hate the same character throughout the story!  This book had a bigger cast of people involved in the story, all of whom were completely developed no matter their role in the story.  The twists and turns of the first book melded seamlessly with this book, with surprising resolutions to many of the questions from the first.

The next book in the saga will be Flesh Ended, and I absolutely can’t wait for it!  Absolutely recommended!!

About Kevin James Breaux

Kevin James Breaux is an award-winning artist and author. He grew up in Hatboro, PA, but moved to the Portland, OR suburbs in 2009. He spent years in art school dreaming of becoming a professional comic book artist so that he could see his creations come to life in pen & ink. It was not until his final year at Temple University that he realized writing could fulfill that dream.

Kevin’s career as a writer began in 2007 when his first short story sold for $50. His first move, after celebrating the sale, was to join the Horror Writers Association (HWA). His debut novel SOUL BORN, an epic fantasy, was published by Dark Quest Books in 2010 and the book won First Place in the Sci-fi & Fantasy category of the P&E Reader’s Poll. Kevin is experienced with on-line social communities and has a growing fan base on Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook. As a skilled graphic artist he has created magazine print ads and YouTube book trailers to support his works. Kevin also maintains two active blogs that contain his interviews, articles and guests posts published on the web.

Kevin enjoys writing e-stories that provide incentives for readers of his works. He believes in hard work and never quitting.

Writing is his business.

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  1. I love “gray” characters, which aren’t perfectly good or evil. Soul Born looked interesting when it first came out, but I never got around to reading it. Looks like I need to do that =) Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, your ranking system is great.

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